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    Considering buying a 36c, please help.

    I own a 36C and live aboard. There are documents availible here on the download tab, that have the original sales brochure, along with sea trial reports. She is a blue water boat.
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    Ericson 36C Chain Plates

    Email me if you'd like i own a 36 C
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    Barlow 24 Winch Speeds

    Barlow winches How can you tell if your winches are 2 speed,or one speed?
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    Main Companionway Hatch Instructions

    Yes I colyd use thus info please
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    Show us your recent Ericson photos

    My Ericson Here's a picture of my 1976 36C:Ericson:esad: actually I'm not sure how to do this from my phone!
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    calling all 36C

    36c Dose anyone have any type if owners manual for the 36c please?
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    calling all 36C

    E36c Hello, I have a 1976 Ericson 36C her name was Blithe,Spirit, but us now Sails Pending. I think the hull # is 56 I am a green horn, and have been living on her ,and working also fir seven months. Im still new to all of this, just wanted to reply and let you know she floats. Norfolk Virginia