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    E26-2 : stuffing box drip

    Roger, I am glad you appreciate that pump. I insert the pump tube down to the lower bilge through one of those holes (see photo) that connect the 3 (upper bilges), and you can eliminate a lot more water than with a regular size pump.
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    E26-2 : stuffing box drip

    this replaced my turkey basters. Perfect for the e-26
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    E26-2 : stuffing box drip

    all you need to know in this pdf. it is hell to get to that stuffing box. yes , you need to loosen up the lock nut before adjusting the stuffing box. My stuffing box dripped almost nothing when I bought the boat in March. Now it drips very little and the stuffing box will get pretty hot to the...
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    Boom almost came off

    hi Vasu, check out this image of my gooseneck. The pin holding the pin is secured by a ring ( similar to my keychain rings!) on the upper end of the pin, which I also wonder, why not having the pin come from the top down and use gravity as a safety measure ..... there must be a reason. I hope...
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    How to set up Reefing lines; Ericson 26-2

    Hi, I see in your photos that at the end of the boom you have 2 metal cables: one is the outh hi, I see in your photo that at the end of the boom you have 2 metal cables: one is the outhaul ; is the other attached to the topping lift ? And does this 2nd cable lead to the gooseneck and is it...
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    E26-2 Dodger

    This is also a 26-2. Mainsheet goes to the mast and then back to the cockpit . The design of the dodger is terrible and in order to use the traveler , you have to rollup the middle window. Not great , but I love sailing out there!
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    How to set up Reefing lines; Ericson 26-2

    hello, I have been thinking about this for a while now, and I can not figure out how to set up my reefing lines. There are two lines coming out of the back of the boom, which I am pretty sure are reefing lines. Then I have 2 sliding block at the end of the boom (one on each side). How do I...
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    E26-2 - Mast Wiring Sundries

    Dave, pls take lots of photos once you start the project. I also need to install an anchor light (maybe rewire the mast). Will do after this season. Would you think the hanging a 360 white light from the backstay , 15-20 feet high, would do the the trick for 1-2 nights at an anchorage? I really...
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    How worried should I be? Is my boat about to sink?

    This is about my new to me Ericson 26-2. Today I finally decided to test and understand the mechanisms of the head (toilet) of the boat . I have the option of regular waste pump-out as well as overboard pump out via manual pump and 1 1/4" seacock. Everything was going well till I decided to open...
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    New owner Intro ERY 26-2

    Welcome to the club Vasu. I just purchased my E26-2 a few months ago and she is now in Brooklyn. We are almost neighbors! You will love the boat. I was thinking of taking her up the Hudson this summer. Will be in touch.
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    Ericson 26-2 through Hell Gate in NYC

    I just realized you are the "why we sail" guy! I enjoy your videos very much. Poetry and wisdom meet sailing. Perfect storm for the brain.
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    Ericson 26-2 through Hell Gate in NYC

    I wanted to give an update to many who gave me great advice during my completely clueless first few weeks of boat ownership. I purchased my boat in Glen Cove, Long Island and the transport to my home marina in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, involved some rather interesting locations. I made the...
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    e26-2 plumbing diagram - missing thru hull ?

    Actually, I was wrong. My system is setup like Andante describes: the sink drain and the flush water pick-up tee onto the thru hull valve a second larger seacock looks like the O/B discharge. This worked : 1 leave the thru valve closed. 2 run water into the sink. 3 Now I flush the head. This...
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    e26-2 plumbing diagram - missing thru hull ?

    hi all, I am trying to understand how the head works. I have the option with O/B discharge. Looking at the attached diagram , I can not figure out where the water for the head comes from.... Is it ocean water or fresh from the tank? I looks like I have two seacocks in there, one large for the...
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    E26-2 Owners Manual ?

    thanks Dave, Loren and Mark for the info and advice. Priceless info for a beginner !