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    Ericson 41 "Sunshine"

    @Mark F, thanks again. So cool.
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    Ericson 41 "Sunshine"

    Oh my gosh! You found her owner!! Thank you, I will call or message just to have a visit. Wow.
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    Ericson 41 "Sunshine"

    Today, while roaming around King Harbor Marina, (Redondo Beach, Calif)I happened upon the most beautiful E41, "Sunshine". She has been upgraded all around, has a white dodger and sports red covers on everything, including the toe rail. Since my late husband and I owned and cruised an E41 in...
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    How does the sea hood attach to the cabin?

    That's a great tip, thank you! I took down the molding that hides the edge of the headliner and then undid a bunch of the staples. That was very helpful. Now you can really see what's happening - where the water has come in and where it is totally dry. And I could see that there doesn't...
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    2019-2020 Fund Raising Season Now Open!

    Thank you! Thank you for all the hard work! Very happy to contribute.
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    How does the sea hood attach to the cabin?

    Hi Christian, Thanks for the link. Very helpful. One bit of confusion I have is that the fastener (machine screw??) doesn't come down into the cabin with a bolt to keep it in place. So there has to be something that has been glassed in - perhaps bolts or maybe a length of metal with holes...
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    How does the sea hood attach to the cabin?

    Today I opened up the headliner and dried everything off on the underside of the cabin top. Then in sections, we used a hose to flood the outside of the cabin with water. I could not see any issue with the traveler attachments. But one sea hood fastener did leak. Thankfully, I did not see...
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    How does the sea hood attach to the cabin?

    Frank, that’s awesome information. We’ll be at the boat on Wednesday and I’ll open the zipper and check things out starting where the traveler attaches. Christian, I will be so happy to fix these zippers. The PO sewed them up by hand. It’s tidy but irritatingly non-functional. Thank you both.
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    How does the sea hood attach to the cabin?

    Persistent rain here in So Cal has shown me a new leak in the main salon, above the starboard, aft portlight. The water is coming out where the headliner attaches to the inside top of the cabin. I think it could come from: 1. the starboard handrails, although all the plugs are still in and...
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    "Rarotonga" by Christian Williams/Audiobook/Gift Copies

    Excellent news. Print copy on its way.
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    Dock Queen

    Congratulations, Bob! That’s great news.
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    2019 SJI Trip Report

    We all make mistakes, Geoff. And then we modify our behavior so that we make new ones instead of repeating the old ones. Your storytelling ability is great - I am already smiling in anticipation the next episode. Please, carry on...
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    34' Ericson yacht for sale-Long Beach CA in great shape

    Pete and I viewed this boat last month. It is in excellent condition. The exterior gelcoat is almost perfect and everything below is super clean. Canvas looks great, nice stack-pak. If you’re looking for an E34, it has to be the cleanest one around. (I have no relationship to the seller - and...
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    Hit by lightning

    oh my gawd. that was incredible.
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    Marina del Rey slips???

    Thanks, Gerald! Yes, there are, in general, more slips available now - not a lot, but it's better. It's on my list to call Marina City Club this week. Do you keep your boat there?