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    Boom almost came off

    Your set up is the same as mine , I have never had a problem like you experienced, I would buy a quality shackle and you should be fine. a picture of the broken shackle would be of interest . Wichard is a good brand, expensive !!!! but very unlikely to fail
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    Ericson 34-2 Rudder Rebuild

    y I was told that when I bought my E26-6 34 years ago
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    E26-2 : stuffing box drip

    Sorry I was trying to say if it hadn’t been used in the last year or so before you purchase her
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    E26-2 : stuffing box drip

    If the boat has set with out use for a while and your running it more frequently now it not at all unusual that it needs adjustment, Teflon packing is great but you have to get the correct size
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    What good is a boom vang?

    I bought a Vang Master boom Vang for my E26-2 , they were great to work with and the Vang is a piece of jewelry, could not be happier with that upgrade
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    Optimal Headsail Percentage

    I have a 135 and a 105 with battens, both on fueler, I have been using the smaller sail most of the time with little speed loss but a ton easier to handle as well as more comfortable.
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    Ericson 35 MKll spinnaker setup

    It certainly does matter when the wind pipes up and you need to choke the chute
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    How to set up Reefing lines; Ericson 26-2

    I do not have a down haul set up running to the cockpit, I once was thinking of a single line reefing system but was concerned about the amount of line that would meet to be cranked in
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    Bilge pump design intent

    Owned since new and nothing was prewired
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    Bilge pump design intent

    My 1988 E26-2 came with no electric pump.
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    E26-2 Dodger

    Harken makes a riser for the cam cleat , I don’t have two winch’s on the cabinet top so I go straight to cam cleat. In your case the riser should fork fine , does your ceiling have a zipper in that area ?? I wish mine did , I have taken that ceiling apart countless times over the years, would...
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    Keel profiles of 26-2

    My boat was originally a wing keel that I converted to a deeper than standard fin 5'-6"draft. The shape is the same to the wing as fin , I have the plywood templates that I made to fair keel. I also have plug that I had cast for the keel shoe. I did this in 1994 and zero issues. It turns the...
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    E26-2 Dodger

    No silly questions, want to help !!!
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    E26-2 Dodger

    Yes that’s above right for the height of the pole lift , was the starboard side cabin top winch removed??? Never saw one without it, I have changed about every control line , turning blocks etc. in the 34 years I have owned her . The best change was a Vangmaster solid Vang , truly a piece of art !!
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    E26 - Lifeline gate size

    I replaced my with these and I believe they where 1/4” 28 LH they are well made and open and close easily