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    Cleat Repair

    The anchor locker on the 30+ should be removable. I have never actually tried to remove mine, but I believe it is just held in with some screws (and probably lots of 5200). If you can get it out of the way, hopefully this will make the repair less expensive. While you're poking around up...
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    E/30+ battery charger

    Hi, 30+ owners. What are you guys using for a battery charger, and where is it mounted? My boat came with a GUEST 10 amp charger, mounted under the chart table and plugged in to the outlet next to the chart table. This isn't the best arrangement, as the charger must be unplugged to open the...
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    Cabin Sole-how best to remove old sole

    Hey Rod, How'd this project turn out for you? The sole on my '85 E30+ is serviceable but not in the best cosmetic condition, and I'm considering replacing it at some point soon. What worked for you to get the old sole removed? Did you make templates? How'd you fabricate and mount the new...
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    Removing the manual bilge pump?

    Engine-driven bilge pump For moving some serious amount of water, here's an emergency bilge pump that attaches directly to the prop shaft. It operates continuously whenever the engine is running, acting as a high-volume blower when there's no water to move.
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    Gas Tank Leak

    The tank on my 1985 E/30+ was slowly leaking diesel into the bilge. I had the boat yard deal with it, and they found 3 places where the bottom of the tank had corroded through over the years. Fortunately, the tank is easily removable in one piece; you just unscrew the plywood cover and then...
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    Plumbing an E/30+ for propane

    Success! I dug out some of the caulk (what a chore!) and found the other end of the conduit! My propane hose is now running from the stove location into the lazarette, and it should be a relatively simple matter now to route it as Graham described. Graham, which Force 10 stove did you get...
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    Plumbing an E/30+ for propane

    propane hose routing Can you tell me some more about how you routed the hose from the engine compartment / lazarette into the cabin? My boat doesn't have any obvious holes there except the swinging door for the trash bin. I consulted the pro I use for rigging work and he suggested...
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    Plumbing an E/30+ for propane

    Thanks, Frank. I appreciate your taking a look for me. I was hoping that the hose might be visible from the point where it exited the tank locker to the point where it disappears into the pan, but alas. They probably ran the hoses before mating the hull and the pan at the factory. Guess...
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    Plumbing an E/30+ for propane

    Hmm. I don't think we're thinking of the same conduits here. My boat, as I'm expecting does yours, has flexible grey tubing for hot and cold water, which runs under the cabin sole forward to the head. You can see it if you open one of the forward bilge covers and look to the port side of the...
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    Plumbing an E/30+ for propane

    Propane hose routing Hi Frank, Is your boat back in action for the season yet? The plumbing drawings for the E/30+ are unfortunately not detailed enough for me to deduce how the propane hose is routed, so I'd really appreciate it if you could poke around for a minute and see if you can...
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    Is emergency rudder post effective?

    The standard emergency tiller for the E/30+ is way too short to be usable in moderate to heavy weather, and I'll bet it's an enormous pain even in light conditions. Its size is limited due to the placement of the steering pedestal, of course. The typical workaround for this issue that I've...
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    Spin the bucket? (Reverse for Sailing?)

    "setting" the prop I don't know much about fluid dynamics or about 3-bladed props, but on a couple of boats I race on, the skipper has us "set the prop" while we're tuning up before the race. The idea is to get the fixed 2-bladed prop oriented vertically so that drag is minimized. This is...
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    Ericson 30+ documents

    plumbing diagram Greg, Thanks very much for taking the time to copy all the documents. My 30+ came with only the few printouts available from the web, and some information from the plumbing plan might save me from having to cut holes in the liner pan. If you wouldn't mind, could you take...
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    Plumbing an E/30+ for propane

    propane The only planned propane appliance is the range. I bought a Xintex sniffer/valve control which I plan to mount at the nav station, with the sensor in the bilge nearby. BTW, if anyone else is considering buying Xintex hardware, DO NOT buy it directly from the manufacturer's website...
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    Plumbing an E/30+ for propane

    I'm in the process of replacing the nonfunctional alcohol range on my 30+ with a new propane range. My boat has the integral propane locker in the starboard aft lazarette, but as far as I can tell no plumbing was ever run to the galley. On removing the plywood panels behind the stove area, I...