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    Ericson 30 + For Sale

    Thanks Loren
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    Ericson 30 + For Sale

    Hey there, I am the present owner. She is a two owner boat and we have had her for about six years. We have not raced her. If you have any questions I will try to answer.
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    Ericson 30 + For Sale

    Come see this well-maintained, popular, Bruce King designed Ericson 30+. This tiller boat is set up with all of the equipment needed for racing around the buoys or Cruising to Catalina.Fractional sloop rig, fin keel, spade rudder and deck stepped mast. Shows beautifully. Rebuilt engine (2010)...
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    Terra Nova: Flooding

    Thank you Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Thanks for sharing as it is a warning to us all to be more aware. Janet
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    "Alone Together" -- New book on Ericson 32-3 To Hawaii and Back

    Just received my copy of Christian's new book. Excited to settle down and read it
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    Ideas for Cosmetic Improvement of Black Mast

    Black mast In 2013 we had Allen from Sea Teck remove our black mast and boom and replace all the running rigging. They removed the hardware, sand blasted and re anodized (??). Then they replaced some items and all the running rigging. Except for the crane to replace the mast it was all...
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    Thelonious Sails for Mainland

    Welcome Home Christian, Thanks for all the updates, they really helped us to vicariously follow the dream adventure. i really appreciated being 'invited' to follow along with all the other E people. Checking your progress was a daily highlight. Thanks again, Janet and Mike
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    Wicked Salty Ericson

    Hey Wicked Salty, Welcome aboard! We have an 30+ too. They are great boats. Love the video. You guys are too funnnnnny! Clarice
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    water in the bilge

    Could you provide more info like how much water? is this a new occurrence? Is the problem that you can't get it all out. My bilge pump will not pump all the water out. I have to manually pump the last two inches.
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    Thelonious Sails for Mainland

    Life is an Adventure So glad you have support from the international cruisers. I know everyone here is sending best wishes to you and Thelonious. Another experience for you to add to your cache and, I hope, to share with the other E people. Janet and Mike
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    Thelonious Sails for Mainland

    Christian, What an adventure! Thanks for the info so far. Waiting for the next episode. Janet and Mike
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    Water coming into bilge underway

    Update Well, its been a while but I've been busy hunting down the leak. So far we've walked around and checked the through-hulls from the exterior and interior with no joy. Then repacked both stuffing boxes. (They were overdue) Had to remove the old rusty hot water tank and re-route the...
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    Thelonious in hawaii

    Congrats to you and Thelonious, Hope your voyage was all you hoped. Looking forward to hearing about it. Janet and Mike
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    New kid in town

    Welcome Welcome to the forum. The knowledgeable folks here have saved me money, time and frustration many times during the last year or so. Friendly and sometimes very funny they really help keep me keep my spirits up. You found the right place, Welcome.
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    Water coming into bilge underway

    Thanks to everyone. All suggestions will be taken. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I will post the results of the investigation as soon as I complete them. You are awesome and as I've said before this blog was one of the reasons we purchased an Ericson and it proves again what a great...