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    Diesel repower E-29

    rbonilla has a thread posted with an E28 for sale in Colorado, with a trailer. His last post was from a couple weeks ago.
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    E32-200 Owner's Manual

    it might be the partial skeglet added the same 6" of length as it moved further aft as well? No easy way to accurately measure the actual waterline. PHRF rating is the same.
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    32-200 Exhaust system question

    Some pics from today. In the second, the black muffler is barely visible between the dryer vent hose and other hoses.
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    32-200 Exhaust system question

    Ray - my original exhaust hose does indeed go down the port side to port of the transmission. It runs next to the battery box where it is held with a cable tie screwed to the battery box, then crosses to starboard behind the stuffing box. The muffler is tucked further aft to starboard...
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    Head and holding tanks

    Your HIN indicates you have an Ericson 32 "ERY32", hull number 909, "D0" = manufactured April 1990, "90" = model year 1990.
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    Packing Shaft

    My (32-200 with Universal M-25xp) packing gland takes 1/4" packing, it's a tight fit when new with the waxed flax but works, 3/16" kept dripping. There's a page in the 32-3 owners manual that specs 1/4" and covers changing the packing with the boat in the water. There are also other available...
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    Cabin Sole-how best to remove old sole

    Brett - have you tried Condon's Lumber in White Plains? They carry an incredible inventory of different species.
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    Fridge drain

    From the owners manual...
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    Fridge drain

    Sorry I misdirected you - do NOT open the salt water seacock, open the sink drain seacock. You will empty the ice box thru the spout into the sink.
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    Fridge drain

    The drain is located under the galley sink, there should be a valve in the drain line connected to the salt water foot pump. Open the drain line valve, open the salt water seacock and use the foot pump to empty the ice box.
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    Cabin Sole-how best to remove old sole

    While you have the sole removed would be a great time to clean and paint with bilge-kote, you know just to add to mission creep...
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    Loose exhaust riser

    I had to replace the water injection elbow 5 years back, the original Onan cracked. Could not find another Onan, wound up going with a Westerbeke and then a Centek reducer to match the exhaust hose. Replaced the exhaust flange mounting gasket as well. Hopefully you can get it apart and find...
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    accurate scale drawing E35-2

    Wrapiping/covering the boat for the winter is a preventive measure- water migrating into deck core through leaky fittings, cracks, hardware attachments, etc. and then multiple freeze thaw cycles is not kind to deck laminate structure. It's also a pain in the butt to go to the yard and shovel off...
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    Read a terrific non-fiction book you will certainly enjoy!

    Two Years Before The Mast by Richard Henry Dana, Jr.
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    New member and E-41 owner.

    The photos are under his 2018 sites.