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    Am I the only one [active in northeastern USA]?

    Hi Brett I suggest we get together for a social sail, maybe out on the end of LI or Block. I wouldn't mind reliving some of my more youthful days, and joining a few to tie up to KP and cut the flagpole halyard, or paint the cannons. Either way, I'm up for some Ericson type of fun.
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    Olson 34 Running Backstays (to be or not to be)

    Second that on the headliner. Ours is in good shape, but the day will come when it needs to go. My local guys has already declined interest in replacing it. We have tang openings in the mast for running backs, but have never used them. In fact, there are no deck fittings to accommodate turning...
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    Single Braid as Mainsheet

    I've been using Regatta Braid on my headsails for about 10 years. It's easy on the hands, and very affordable. Since the boat gets hauled and covered each winter, the sheets get removed/flushed with water/stored. They remain in good shape today.
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    Fund Raising Season 2020-2021

    Better late than never. Thanks Sean.
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    Ice box cold plate

    I have a pair of group 27 AGM batteries. They're on their 3rd season. The biggest load on the batteries was during starting. I had a short to ground, which forced me to replace batteries every other year. After replacing the entire wiring harness, and adding a slave relay, my problems were...
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    Ice box cold plate

    Our unit fit nicely just forward of the sink opening. The install required poking a ~1" hole through the side of the ice box in order to allow the C134 lines to penetrate to the evaporator. Also, needed to increase the through hull seacock opening to accommodate the larger drain (and...
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    Ice box cold plate

    I installed an Isotherm SP unit about 8 years ago. It's been keeping my beer cold ever since, problem free. They are available through Defender Industries and other on-line sources, and can be installed without a professional installer. Isotherm 2051 Compact SP Water Cooled Refrigeration...
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    Mold on the boat

    if you are able to maintain electrical power to the boat, such as at a dock, then use a dehumidifier. I bought one through eBay ($100.00) and run it while we're not onboard. I installed a drain hose which allows it to drain to the galley sink. This stopped the mold completely. If you are in...
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    E38 new feathering prop yes or no?

    Loki has a feathering prop and I love it. The original owner (who I bought the boat from 12 years ago) installed it shortly before I bought the boat. I would have been hesitant to invest $2500.00 in a prop, but now that I've got one, I'll never look back. Mine is a Kiwi design by Autostream...
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    Olson 34 Winged Keel info

    Hello guys, I've sent pix and a brief description of my Sparcraft sprit to Kevin. Always glad to share info.
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    m25-xp instrument panel red and green lamps?

    Yup. These are definitely not OEM lights.
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    Olson 34 Rudder Bearings

    Like Loren's reply, no bearing but there is a tight fit on top. Mine is on the hard at SYC to compare if you would like. CTO
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    Leak at Steering Pedestal

    I found a leaker in the aft quarterberth as well. After many hours searching, thinking that it HAD to be the pedestal, I found it was actually via the emergency tiller threaded plate at the deck. The O-34 (Wheel steering) has a threaded 4" bronze plate on the deck to access the rudder shaft...
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    Video of "Normal" Exhaust from Waterlift Muffler

    That's not a lot of water. Mine is very similar, but vapor is apparent at my transom. I'll be taking your advice and boil out the heat exchanger. As I thought about my timeline of reduced water flow, I believe my mixing elbow change out may be the source of reduced flow. Thanks Christian.
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    Am I the only one [active in northeastern USA]?

    Nice shot, good to see you out racing.