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    Story - That Damn Bayliner!

    The same thing pretty much happened to me at Santa Cruz Island in SoCal. But it involved another sailboat and a yapping dog! I was alone in Prisoners which is a good size cove when in comes another sailboat. I didn't think much of it until..........the anchred less than 100ft away and then...
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    A 32 or 35 beauty outside MDR on 4-23-2005 ?

    Discussion aside, It looks like it was a great day for sailing. (although it is always fun debating this stuff. Ha Ha) Davis e29 #226 Holy Guacamole
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    A 32 or 35 beauty outside MDR on 4-23-2005 ?

    White caps start at around 13-15kts. I don't see any in the picture so I wouldn't say it was blowing anything over that at the time that the pic was taken. I would have had all the sail out in that, But not all people like to drive their boats to their potential. Some like a more leasurely sail...
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    Gathering of the So. Cal. Vikings at Two Harbors (Isthmus) on Catalina Island.

    Unless you are a lesbian, I wouldn't put that name on your boat. Davis E29 #226 holy Guacamole :egrin:
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    E27 traveler relocation pros and cons

    My E29 has a stearnrail traveler and I wouldn't have it any other way. I sit up on the rail when driving, So I just lay the main sheet on my lap. The jib sheet I wrap around the lower winch once and bring it up to the winch (on the high side) for which I am sitting next too. This way I can...
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    Gathering of the So. Cal. Vikings at Two Harbors (Isthmus) on Catalina Island.

    Geoff, If you make it up to Santa Cruz, There is good hiking from Pelicans to Prisoners ( about 2mi). And also from Prisoners to Smugglers and Scorpion coves (14.5mi). Coches Preitos on the back side also has some good hikes. If you don't make it up this way too often you must see the Painted...
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    Holding Tank on E-35 II

    I don't know man, Going onto someone else's boat and not respecting thier wish's. Davis E-29 #226 Holy Guacamole :nonono:
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    Gathering of the So. Cal. Vikings at Two Harbors (Isthmus) on Catalina Island.

    Jeff The trip sounds good. The only problem on my end is that I'm just now putting my engine back in. And I'm also getting new canvas and sails. The other problem is that my weekend is Monday and Tuesday. I also won't know when my vacation is for another couple of weeks. If I don't make it...
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    Looking for insurance

    I use Safeco, In my case they have been very helpful and have responed in an expedient maner. In an incident in which my bow pulpit was damaged, they called back the same day and we had the money within a couple of weeks. I don't know why Gareth had such a bad time with them, They have been good...
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    so cal sailors were are they

    With my vacation schedule I hope I can make it down there. If not, Maybe I'll see some of you guys up at the Channel Islands. Davis E-29 #226 Holy Guacamole :egrin:
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    so cal sailors were are they

    Hey Warren! Welcome to Ventura West Marina. I keep my E-29 on D-dock 104. As for Santa Cruz, I will be going out there alot this summer as soon as I get my furler installed and get my new canvas. I should have this done by spring. There also is an E-27 that is new to D-dock and a 35-2 there...
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    Fuel filters - before or after

    The problem with putting the pump before the filter is that the pump will get all of the junk that comes out of the tank, And you risk damaging the pump. Davis E-29 #226 Holy Guacamole :egrin:
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    Dinghy Poll

    I have two dinks. One is a 10'4" Achilles with a Mriner 5hp, The other is a West Marine 10' w/suzuki 8hp Davis E29 #226 Holy Guacamole
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    Mast Raising(Not dialup friendly)

    I had the same problem when I stepped my mast a couple of years back, But the plate just came of the deck screws and all !!! I filled the holes and Installed the new plate. It took only four people to restep the mast, One to operate the crane, Two to hold the mast, And I went around the boat...
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    Mast Raising(Not dialup friendly)

    It's nice to a fellow 29'r getting back into the water Davis E29 #226 Holy Guacamole :egrin: