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Recent content by Deborah Klaus

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    sailing in the caribbean

    In addition.... while many times exceptionally seaworthy, smaller boats are very hard on the skipper and crew.....and a singlehander particularly.....having sailed a 20' sloop all over the Gulf of Mexico I can attest to that. You get very tired and then make mistakes...for example: one...
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    Wilma claims E27

    Hurricane Wilma damage First of all, I want to tell you how sorry I am your boat was damaged. If you want to get a larger boat, by all means move up. If you truly like the 27, I suggest you fix her. I have three boats. All have been damaged by hurricanes. One is a small wooden catboat that...
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    Update on Ericson 30-1 restoration

    Things are coming together nicely for restoration of Fawkes, E 30-1. Having semi-recovered from Katrina and a busy October racing one-designs (Fish Class sloops), I can focus on her. Found an engine suitable for conversion on e-bay and will spend the weekend cleaning and painting the engine...
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    BC waters, photos

    Very pretty country! Lots of water and coves to explore....
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    EY.c Future: Is EY.c a 'useful' site? How could we improve it?

    future of the site.... thanks for clarifying....I will be a volunteer and help if you need it.
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    EY.c Future: Is EY.c a 'useful' site? How could we improve it?

    website financial support--thank you for clarification.... I understand. Could we "woo" another corporation and perhaps get sponsorship? Perhaps tie in with other forums....? Food for thought.
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    EY.c Future: Is EY.c a 'useful' site? How could we improve it?

    success of forum I am new and obviously confused...what exactly would the dues be for? We are already paying for internet access??? Would we be paying for the time of the moderator? website? HELP?
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    30-1 repowering

    repowering E30-1, Fawkes Thank you for all your helpful comments....being a novice, I am wide open to failure. I will keep searching. There are so many boats wrecked around here right now and many engines are available.
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    30-1 repowering

    Somewhere on this forum someone wrote about repowering and the replacement diesel did not fit the space alotted for the motor. I have found a BMW D-50 engine for my E 30-1 Fawkes. Since I don't have the measurements of the engine I have found, I was wondering if anyone on the forum is familiar...
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    Dinghy Poll

    dinghy In 1986 I bought the plans for a 6'6" wooden pram from Small Boat Journal and had built by a fussy old Swede my dinghy MEW--she is spanish cedar and mahogany with oak rubrails and skeg. She needs repair right now...but is a fine little boat--will fit handsomely on the cabin top of...
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    Hi! When you can, post a picture. I have an Ericson 30-1 currently under restoration. Always open to ideas for upgrading.
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    Katrina victim

    oh, I see... too bad about the boat....what a loss.
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    Katrina victim

    Did she sink? to tell you the truth, I can't make a lot of sense out of the pictures...too bad--always hate to see a boat damaged--they exist only to give us pleasure and it is so sad when they are victims of something as uncontrollable as the weather...they are so helpless--you hope you are...
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    Why do we race?

    Because it is fun....
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    Ericson 30-1 prop alignment

    The final word from Bruce King.... I got a reply from Bruce King regarding the prop placement in my Ericson 30-1 and it is what a surmised--the prop was placed above and behind the rudder/skeg to avoid prop drag while undersail. So that takes care of that....thanks to those of you who...