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Recent content by dofthesea

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    E27 Rudder head and Tiller Casting

    Be sure and use the appropriate sized nylon washers. I had this problem as well and with two washers installed problem fixed.
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    Leave main halyard at mast or run back to cockpit ?

    I'm into process of moving all lines aft. I want the ease of doing as much as possible from the cockpit as I'll be mostly single handing.
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    New (to me) E27 in Sausalito

    I have a Yamaha 9.9. high thrust in a factory OB cutout. Is your boat an OB model or are you hanging the motor from bracket? I installed an electronic bilge pump in the deep well and it also has a manual whale gusher as well in the deep well.
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    SF Bay Sunday 10/18

    I'd be up for meeting other Ericson owners as well. I'm in the middle of a refit on my 27' I'm at Brickyard Cove Marina.
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    Plywood on Ericsons

    Try to get your plywood from a real Sheet goods store. A place where contractors or Cabinet Makers go. They know everything you need to know about real marine play. Just because its marine ply doesnt mean you dont seal it really well on all 6 sides. When I use marine Ply I typically put 4 coats...
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    E27 Factory compass placement, best place for line in LA area,

    Try Mauripro for running rigging. They were very helpful, they also know what the line lengths should be. When you log in you can start a running chat with alive rep hell know which halyards, sheets and other length should be. I shopped here before I started just patronizing my local...
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    Wanted E27 Original Compass, Door handle for head.

    Here is what I put on my 27' https://www.defender.com/product.jsp?name=vetus-tramon-silicone-cowl-vent&path=-1|6880|2290139|2290141&id=2941106
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    Ericson 35-III for sale on FB Sailboat swap page

    Ericson 35-III for sale on FB Sailboat swap page, I do not know the owner. He's looking for offers. Sellers FB ID https://www.facebook.com/jon.roberts.5872/about?lst=1113280707%3A1523942661%3A1601386863
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    Ericson 35-2 foredeck hatch replacement

    Nice job on the modifications. And don't worry about negative Nancy's.
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    New (to me) E27 in Sausalito

    Nice to see another 27' in the bay
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    Mechanical Surveyor near Alameda

    You can also take an oil sample and have List marine do an analysis of the engine oil.
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    Surveyor in Alameda ?

    I just had my Ericson 27 surveyed by Peter Moorehead. He was great. I think Peter is based out of San Francisco
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    Longest Original Ericson Owner...

    I just bought an 1972 Ericson 27 from the original owner.
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    Ant way to deal with using reverse on 27' OB version?

    Seems like the tiller is useless with a 27' OB in cutout at stern. Almost lose all control when in reverse. Can anything redone about this?
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    Just purchased 1972 27' Hull number 51

    Just purchased 1972 27' Hull number 51. and doing. partial rift. New OB, new ST winches, new VHF, new tiller pilot, new electrical system