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    fuel tank alum tabs

    What JSM said... ditto; Aluminum welder in VA Beach; he put on 1/4" thick tabs. I had to cut relief in the cover to accommodate the increased tab height, but they carry the load.
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    EV100 Installation for E34-2

    That looks like a nice set up. I installed the computer on the wall (strboard ice box) under the nav table; drilled up thru to run cables to the elect panel. then pulled cables thru the head (up above the vinyl inside the cabinets) thru the existing cable holes; (I might have actually drilled...
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    Replacing the Hatch Lens on my E 25+

    Norva plastics in Norfolk, VA cut me 3 new hatch lenses for $149 total including drilled holes; 2074 gray Plexiglas 4 years ago. No leaks so far; still look great. good luck.
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    Installing Refrigerator Kit in E34-2 Galley.

    I would go under the sole ; if it's just screwed down. There are already 'places' for wires from the panel to the bilge; eg bilge pump, ant cable. question: does having the compressor in the galley generate a lot of heat?
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    upgrading from signet instruments on E34-2?

    I don't have the mast head wind speed, but if I did it would be wireless. I can't imagine new equipment connections being compatible with old; they just won't do it. I replaced my instruments, knotmeter, depth with raymarine; then added auto pilot all about 12 years ago. (had to cut pieces &...
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    solar and battery upgrades on e34-2?

    It all depends on what u want. They say do an Energy Audit. List the stuff u have; and the stuff you plan to get in the future; add it up to see what the amp load is; day, night, anytime. If ur day sailing and need power for knot meter, depth, auto pilot, reefer, then build it to that level...
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    Here's a nice, inexpensive cabin speaker

    I don't know what technology they have that gets such good sound from a small inexpensive speaker these days. I picked up a small JBL; amazing. I notice ur nav station teak appears to be redone. What did u use to strip the old finish off? (mine's old and dark).
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    Keel Bolt Design (and Repair)

    ssasailor; I'll update this thread from 2009; where I had rusty water running down the keel after haul out. Since then, I apply new 3M 5200 every couple of years to the hull keel joint. After digging out the black mastic PO put on the rear keel bolt/nut, I replaced it with 5200 and torqued it...
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    Keel Bolts on E34-2

    This might be slightly off topic but.... Years ago, after reading here of corrosion problems with keel bolts freaked me out; I put an anode on the 2nd to rear bolt. I'm not a physicist; I didn't know if it's electrical, anoxic water or what; so I thot I'd just try and see what happens. 3...
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    Keel Bolts on E34-2

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    E34-2 Outhaul and Topping Lift Line Specs.

    I spliced a messenger to the end of my out haul; pulled it thru; then measured it. spiced new one to the messenger; then pulled that thru.
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    Penta 2002 battery shorting on start

    ignition You've got to clean the wd40 off the contacts inside the ignition somehow. I don't know what to recommend; I just dropped $250 on a VP ignition module careful. maybe contact VP on what to clean the points/contacts with; see what they recommend. btw; my solar panels charge at...
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    Volvo Penta MD2030 Control Panel Replacement Parts?

    volvo u can contact them at via contact form; i imagine they can tell u which model it is based on the serial number; or contact; they have a volvo penta portal; they sorted out the seals issue i had for the raw water pump.
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    Volvo Penta MD2030 Control Panel Replacement Parts?

    volvo Hi; check out Click on Genuine Engine parts; Select your engine model; Select Electrical system. My ignition switch was part No 3587072.