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    Hard to reach places - there's a thousand of them onboard

    I used resin and fiberglass cloth, sanded and coated with two-part paint.....has lasted a long time. Will admit using the Flex spray on our black concrete pool. It has stopped leaks and has stayed strong. Hilco on Sketcher
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    (Video) Why We Sail--"Spring, Finally."

    The talk about spring was GREAT week my sails will leave the house and back to Sketcher. Spring time in North Carolina...with pollen....but nice. Hilco on Sketcher
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    Is the E32 a desirable boat

    Find a boat you will love...I did and have had my 1983 35-3 for 36 years. Don"t worry about the NEXT buyer. On Sketcher and love it.
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    New Heat Exchanger OEM or Mr. Cool?

    Mark, I have the 5424 engine. Years ago I upgraded the size to 3' diameter. I bought it from Sen-Dure out of Florida. They just made me a new one for $360...#523167. Hilco
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    Motor mounts for My E35-3, Sketcher

    Mine is a #5424. When looking at my first picture...note the original mount. Not sure of your year (mine is 1983), there was plenty of room to add the bottom plate. The welding and plate...about $400. Because I had engine removed, 4 mounts, cleaned up wire connections, cleaning motor, changing...
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    Motor mounts for My E35-3, Sketcher

    I read allot of info about motor mounts on the site.....all great info I learned. On Sketcher, my 1983 E35-3 it came with "the 3 motor mount system"...I say that NOT with fondness. Every few years the single front one would come loose. I would epoxy the front holes and add new mounts. At one...
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    1990 Bruce King design for sale.

    Bruce King Beautiful boat/ship. I am a proud owner of Sketcher, my 1983 35-3. Am also a furniture designer mostly designing for mass production. Sometimes I have the opportunity to design a collection of high-end furniture....both categories are inspirational. That's what I love about Bruce...
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    Engine freezing??

    It's the water lines, hot water heater and engine heat exchanger that could freeze first. We have those problems in North Carolina. On Sketcher, we always drain the hot water heater and lines. Run antifreeze through the engine heat exchanger.
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    E-34 engine seawater intake; built in thru-hull strainer

    Patrick, I have a 1983 35-3. It came with the flush mount strainer also. It would clog at the worst times...coming into Ocracoke channel when the ferry boat would leave. The ferry boat would stir up the sea weeds and my engine would overheat. I took off the flush strainer, added a half round...
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    Looking at a 35-3

    On my 35-3 built in 1983, I have owned since new...never have any problems with the grid system. In looking at the pictures of boat your thinking of...looks great and the price is real low. Hilco on Sketcher
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    Sad time of year

    Well, we in North Carolina are right behind you. We had to strip Sketcher for the hurricane of all canvas and this late in the much work to add all back. My heat exchanger needed replacement, and Sen-Dure is making me a new one. After that... onward to the yard for new motor...
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    mandatory evacuation

    The hurricane It is now 4-5 days after the Hurricane....WOW, that was not fun. We had allot of tornadoes also. We live on the Neuse River about 20 miles from New Bern, NC and 5 miles across the river from Oriental, NC. All of these areas hit hard. New Bern with flooding. We had 100+ winds for...
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    mandatory evacuation

    evacuation Here across the Neuse river from Oriental, evacuation as of yet. Road #70 leaving Morehead City and outer banks is jammed with cars. Heavy rains have started, no extra wind. Report that the water will rise by 6-12 feet ( I will say from last storms for a #2-3....10 feet...
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    1983 universal 3 point motor mount

    Very lucky to have Stanley close by. Years ago (before Beta) he would come by and give advise. His saying...."keep it simple". Hilco....proud owner of an Ericson 35......since new in 1983.
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    1983 universal 3 point motor mount

    Gentlemen....thank you...allot to read and go through...helps. Stanley at Beta Marine is close to me, when he returns from a show...will talk with him also. Thanks again.