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    E29 Sails for sale

    Both sails are still available. Please feel free to make an offer. e-mail me at Thank you! Justin
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    The younger generation

    WOW! Sounds spot on to our issues. I am 31, my wife is 28. We have a 23 month old daughter and a 4 month old daughter. We love sailing, but find that all of our marina friends are old enough to be our parents or older by 15 years. Most of our friends think its cool to sail, but either don't...
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    E29 Sails for sale

    Really needing to get these sails on foil system sold. Make me an offer and we'll see what we can work out.
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    v-berth door on e29

    I made an insert for our v berth and removed the door. It is sitting in our garage collecting dust and spiders. Gives more space at least visually. Not the best design to have a door right there anyways, but what do I know, thats why I manage an auto body shop and don't design boats! Justin
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    A few finished project pictures

    Finally, after 4 months of waiting and spending, we have completed a round of projects on Island Time, our 1976 E29. Just wanted to share a few pictures and what we completed as we are excited and all of you understand! Installed Roller Furling System New Canvas for hatches, winches, grille...
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    E29 Sails for sale

    Both sails are still available. Make an offer! Thank you! Justin
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    Sea Scout Ship 501 needs Stanchions/Liflines for Ericson 25

    Being an Eagle Scout, I can readily recommend the Pancake Breakfast! At least in Nashville, Tenn, we used to make around $1,500 on a Sunday morning. We started the breakfast at 7am, so folks had enough time to eat before church service. We were sponsored by a large church, so that helped. I...
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    New Site

    It is a great new face for the site! It is extremely to a Civil War reenacting forum that I belong to as well. Very easy to navigate, search and post. Thank you for hosting this and for all the time you put into the site. I know its a ton of work. Justin
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    E29 Sails for sale

    Just a friendly bump. Both sails are still for sale. Feel free to make an offer.
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    E29 Headsail Foil track

    I am having a roller furling unit installed on my Ericson 29 and the old foil track has been removed. I am looking to sell this to help with the costs of the new furling unit. The sailmaker said it is a European model and was a little more complicated to take off, so expect a little more...
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    E29 Sails for sale

    Had my parts manager at my dealership estimate shipping. He said should be $50 to $60. I say $50 and if its more, I will pickup extra cost. I'll also take care of PayPal fees. Sailmaker was Fracker Sailmakers in Cleveland, Ohio. I took a picture of tag on sail and also where sailmaker...
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    E29 Sails for sale

    I luckily still had sail bags in trunk of my car, so ran out and measured the foil tape. There are two "cords" to this, the outer one is 5/32", the inner is about 7/32".
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    E29 Sails for sale

    Hello Mark, The Foil System I have is a track, like a roller furling. I am having a roller furling unit installed in the next few weeks and all of my current sails will work on the roller furler, if that makes sense. I do not know if it will work with that unit, but I don't know why it...
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    E29 Sails for sale

    I have the following for sale. Shipping and PayPal are extra. 1). 170% Genoa. Although 34 years old, this sail is like new. Had it inspected by DDS Sailmakers here in Nashville, Tenn. yesterday. He was amazed at the excellent condition. It is made for use with a foil system. Luff is...
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    Sail help!

    Both of you have been a ton of help, thank you! Now all the pieces make sense!