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  • Hey, I only work when they tell me. :) yes planing on getting over at some point, hopefully sooner than later. Air Show Oct. 26
    I have been waiting to hear about the Catalina trip. I hope you guys share pictures with those of us who had to stay home. I used to own Golden Girl, but I noticed you didn't comment on Bill being there. Did he and his brother make the trip? Jim

    I am looking forward to the "gathering" and like the idea of doing our meals and drinks. Someone mentioned BBQ. Are these gas (what was I thinking) or do we need to bring our own fire?


    Thanks for the Friend Request. Didn't know it was available and don't know how it works. Hope I pushed the right buttons with the reqest. I am not far from you and I think I have seen you, but haven't caught you to say HI. I'm at 33A30 ---the racoon dock. Those racoons on the dock drive me crazy since I cannot keep the windows open at night when I spend the night there. My neighbors got broken into by the racoons and they ripped open the drawers and cupboards, ate all the food, made a mess in the boat, and then scratched the heck out the the wood wall trying to squeeze climbing back out . Do you have racoons on your dock? At night they have been chasing people around the my dock too. Just not a mellow place anymore.
    Have not been to the boat much lately, but hope to find time to go out to the Isthmus at your Ericson get together.
    Keep in touch and hope to see you.
    Laiva E-381
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