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    Right now there are a few poor souls

    I had a spot on a pac cup boat this summer for the return trip. race was cancelled - i was sad. peter
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    Doggy Come Sail

    Lots of good ideas for the companionway. Thank you very much. Now, how about getting the beasts on and off the boat into the dinghy to row them ashore to do their business/go for a "walk"? Appreciate any wisdom the group may have. Best, Peter PS - 60 lb dogs
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    oil for atomic 4

    I have the tall extractor and would definitely go for the shorter more stable one (like the topsider) if given a second chance. The tall one is ok for cars but is a bit tricky to transport back and forth to the boat - you need to wedge an oily tall cylinder somewhere in your car - and I have...
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    1973 E27 forward hatch replacement

    In Post #6 wintu wrote " i didn't use the screws to hold the glass down instead i used 3M vhb tape." In Post #9 wintu wrote - " btw. vhb tape is still good". Only about two months later though. Peter
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    Close hauled in an Ericson

    Is it possible you had your A's and B's mixed up? A polar diagram is boat speed plotted versus course off the wind. So the distance from the origin at any given angle is the boat speed at that angle. Another way to think of it is if you plotted the velocity vector with its tail at the origin...
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    Parting. Out 27 ericson 1975 complete boat

    Jef, Thank you. I am interested in the piece that goes around the bow and connects the rub rails. Peter
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    Parting. Out 27 ericson 1975 complete boat

    does anybody know if the bow "rail" fitting from a 27 would fit a 29 (1976)? Thanks, Peter
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    Looking for replacement Rub rail
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    Problem unfurling headsail

    check the obvious Is there too much line wrapped around the furling drum? Peter
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    Newbie. Ericson 35 MKII. Atomic 4 issues. Feeling discouraged. Need Advice. Help.

    One issue that has been experienced with electronic ignition (EI) is burned out coils. The dwell angle for EI is quite different than that for points so the coil is energized for longer. The kind and helpful folks over at the Moyer forum ( spent...
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    Atomic 4 Questions/Advice

    fuel pressure gauge Kevin, A fuel pressure gauge is an invaluable diagnostic tool. I installed one between the fuel pump and the carburetor on my A4. Get a marine rated gauge if you plan on leaving it installed. Very cheap and easy to install. It has saved me on several occasions. If you have...
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    Engine freezing??

    A note of caution. A fellow in my area had a boat on the hard and he put a space heater in it as he had not winterized the engine. This caused a fire which led to him losing that boat, the adjacent barn and another boat that was by the barn. Heaters draw a lot of current and you need to be...
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    Drain Holes in Quadrant Box

    Thank you very much! Peter
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    Drain Holes in Quadrant Box

    Hi Mark, thanks so much for photo Do you recall where you sourced that hatch and the brand? Peter
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    alcohol stove fuel

    Thank you all very much for the prompt responses. Installation is not gimballed - I am a "sit on the hook every night" sailor so far and lunches are sandwiches. No pot holders either - I got the stove for $75 and it will drop into the existing hole in the galley counter. The can for refuelling...