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Recent content by LEB

  1. LEB

    Harken cabin top traveler parts.

    Dodger is never gonna happen, I'm going back to bridge deck traveler so I'm keeping the car. Selling: R27HB track cut & bent to span E25+ hatch, 1849 risers, & E2750HB ends. Asking $500.
  2. LEB

    E 25+ Tack Hardware and window replacement

    My Kenyon Section D Boom originally had this tack. K-2123 I think. Second photo is more used spare parts I'd be glad to shed.
  3. LEB

    Wanted salvaged table (or drop leaf) from Ericson 28

    OK. It can go back in the garage attic. I'm less than 20 minutes South of Dearborn if comes to that. I thought of peeling off that formica but it would require digging the bungs out of the edge mouldings. Maybe a high quality epoxy paint? The rest of Olefin's colors still work for me... but...
  4. LEB

    E 25+ Tack Hardware and window replacement

    a web search of Kenyon boom will find the rite site for photos of several variations
  5. LEB

    I do/do not want to get a larger Ericson

    Any thoughts of a larger boat are put to rest when cleaning the hull.
  6. LEB

    Wanted salvaged table (or drop leaf) from Ericson 28

    Interior renovations preclude this ever going back into my E25+. No idea what it would cost to ship from S.E. Michigan to Oregon (it is heavy) but you could have it for just that. Forgot to deploy tape measure in photos but it is 40" from the hinge to the aft end and 3' wide when open. What...
  7. LEB

    Top down furling gennaker for an E25+ fractional rig?

    Went with Selden retractable sprit and Facnor FX900 furler (not top down). North Sails Code 55 on order. Mast coming down this fall for maintenance and new halyard arrangement. Old Harken Mark2 foil is kinked and the headstay is 15 years old (probably 40). Considering a new stay and jib furler.
  8. LEB

    Top down furling gennaker for an E25+ fractional rig?

    New jib is the only usable head sail. Wondering about a light wind head sail suitable for single handed use. Short bowsprit not inconceivable. Clearly the boat previously had a spinnaker and there is a larger block on the forward edge near the top of the mast. Would a new all purpose...
  9. LEB

    79 Ericson 25 + diagrams for plumbing

    My 79 25+ head sink drains through the only through hull right on the waterline. Access under forward starboard bunk cushion. Now also serves the air conditioning effluent.
  10. LEB

    Where all the Great lakes Ericsons Are

    Across the Trenton Channel Previous owner kept my E25+ at the Ford Yacht Club. I moved her to Humbug in Gibraltar a little over ten years ago. She took a lightning strike last August. Spent all winter rewiring. Launching Wednesday!
  11. Yamaha 9.9 with remote controls, hydraulic lift and steering.

    E25+ Yamaha 9.9 with remote controls, hydraulic lift and steering.

    Three layers of 1/2" marine ply laminated with epoxy on the port side of the transom plus the cedar cored bolsters. Finish work and fittings yet to be done. A late splash this year.
  12. Soft Transom Replacement

    E25+ Soft Transom Replacement

    it was soft when I got it but the heavier 4 stroke outboard was really flexing what was left.
  13. LEB

    Where do you keep your boat?

    Mouth of Detroit River Keeping E25+ at Humbug Marina. Last slip with a good view of Lake Erie but a bit exposed to weather and wake.
  14. LEB

    E25+ Tiller Pilot Install

    I originally selected forward/aft position based upon where the tiller rose above the seat line. The clip is a Sea Dog pole storage clip. The tiller pilot normally stows under the port hatch.
  15. LEB

    E25+ Tiller Pilot Install

    With extension.