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  1. Mark David

    Number Engraved in Woodwork

    Is it necessary to include a US prefix when displaying the documentation number, say on the transom?
  2. Mark David

    Kinleven mast ladder [and mast climbing issues]

    slightly off topic, but I appreciate Butch's photo to help explain to others why we step the mast every year....and why they should
  3. Mark David

    Innovative and Functional Interior Ideas

    this thread's topic reminded me of the following boat listing.... 1966 Ericson Scorpion/ Gentlemans Electric Daysailer sailboat for sale in North Carolina (sailboatlistings.com) maybe not as 'creative' but I think it looks fantastic in a traditional sort of way. (the electric motor install...
  4. Mark David

    Replacement for Datamarine Depth Gauge??

    Ken, does the original transducer look like a flat football?
  5. Mark David

    Horizontal Baseline ??

    Thanks! I really appreciate everyone's input and wanted to follow up... Looking at the water line as a line between a point on the bow and one on the transom, I marked the bottom of the boot stripe where it intersects the centerline of the boat. Drawn as waterline secant in the attached...
  6. Mark David

    Horizontal Baseline ??

    a self leveling laser at the bow. positioned with the vertical on the known 'chain plate to keel' centerline at ~80" back from the bow, the bottom of the port boot stripe is ~3.5 inches above the laser horizontal line....starboard side at same position is only ~2.75 above the laser line guess...
  7. Mark David

    Horizontal Baseline ??

    ....you see it Loren! I have been able to adjust/block the hull in the cradle so the keel is plumb and aligned within the cradle, but the boat remains pitched nose down so the cockpit drains don't trap ice. Just need to quantify how much. Do you think the factory applied the gelcoat stripe...
  8. Mark David

    Horizontal Baseline ??

    Thanks for input!!
  9. Mark David

    Horizontal Baseline ??

    Hello All! With OtJ adjusted in her cradle, hanging a plumb bob from the bow and confirming with a laser; I believe I have found the vertical baseline and continued it the length of the hull. The top of the factory applied gelcoat boot stripe is aesthetically curved, but the bottom edge should...
  10. Mark David

    Minimum Equipment List

    how about a 'preset' rebuild kit with a new diaphragm and hose clamp ready for the whaler bilge pump...
  11. Mark David

    downwind where the mainsail meets the spreader

    ....from a SailingWorld article about downwind with jib and main
  12. Mark David

    E27 Veers to port underway

    My 32-2 has always pulled to port, both with a fixed prop and feathering prop...not enough to break anything, but it gets your attention if you let go of the wheel. In fact, emergency 'about faces' under power are always to port. Wheel over, blip the throttle forward a couple of times and she...
  13. Mark David

    Always the last to know....Forespar whisker pole

    Ken, Wondering about the tube diameters and maximum extended length of your whisker pole? Thanks, Mark