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    accurate scale drawing E35-2

    My wife is from Wisconsin, and I’ve visited the in-laws in winter. To get an idea why all boats and docks come out of the water in winter, look up images for “lake Michigan ice”.
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    e34-2 shaft seal -- volvo penta? -- diameter?

    This article is a good reminder of what can go wrong with dripless shaft seals. From the article: "While a DSS may be ’dripless,’ it is definitely not maintenance free."
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    e34-2 shaft seal -- volvo penta? -- diameter?

    I am installing a Volvo drip less shaft seal in the repower of our E34. Much simpler mechanically and been in use since the 1990’s. No experience with it yet. The boatyard recommended it as a way to save some space between the stern tube and the shaft coupling. The shaft tube OD is about...
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    Ericson Helmet Logo

    There’s an EPS version in Resources > Non-Model Specific > Other Components
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    E-32-3 Re-Power options?

    @mordust See this thread. Also, my next door slip mate has an Ericson 35. He replaced his original engine with a Westerbeke M25XPB about five years ago and would not recommend the engine to anyone else. This is his second engine and third transmission. I did not ask details because I knew of...
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    Rebuild or Repower?

    @Kevin A Wright This will get some future blog posts, but we are right now installing a Beta 30 in our Ericson 34. We live in Bellingham and had the same concerns about currents, both in the San Juan islands and heading north. An Olsen 34 displaces 10,600 lbs, about 20% less than an Ericson 34...
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    Thought it wouldn't happen to me

    We have an E34. We have three sets of trailer plugs. The first set is in the engine compartment in the cable bundle that is on the port side of the engine. Should be relatively easy to find, but you may have to unwrap some electrical tape to find it. For us the other two connector sets are...
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    Ericson34-2 wing Keel [and manual search]

    Whew! That saved me from a big scanning job. The manual in the archive is the same as my manual. Note that at the very top of the first page it says ERICSON 34-II OWNERS MANUAL. Every other reference in the rest of the owners manual, even on the first page, says Ericson 34. Even Ericson wasn’t...
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    Ericson34-2 wing Keel [and manual search]

    Does this suffice for E34-2 specs? I have an E34-2 manual, and a scanner. The manual is about 100 pages, so scanning will take a little while. Our boat is hull #3, so I doubt there is any wing keel info in there.
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    Bilge pump switched power gone

    Did you cut both bilge pump wires at the same time? That will short out the circuit and blow a fuse. How do I know this? I have a pair of wire cutters with a big notch in them from the time I cut some household romex cable that was still live. Zzzztttt! I had a boat 12v circuit that had been...
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    Erred in an on-sale Raymarine chartplotter combo purchase

    Trying not to hijack the thread, but.... I have a Garmin 942xs and a Raymarine EV-100 wheel autopilot connected via NMEA 2000. No NMEA 0183 wiring. The autopilot uses a Raymarine P70s control head and a ACU-100 Actuator Control Unit. There were times when I would try to switch to Track mode...
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    N200 Network for Dummies?

    If you are talking about the metallic strips that you place on the side of the tank, no. Those only work on plastic tanks, and your fuel tank is likely metal. Tachometers on diesel engines require special treatment. There is no ignition system on a diesel, so the engine speed is measured in...
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    N200 Network for Dummies?

    @1911tex: please post your questions in a new thread so your info doesn’t get lost and scrambled with this thread. I’ll answer your questions there.
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    N200 Network for Dummies?

    Life long computer nerd here. There is no magic bullet, but a little info can help understand the pieces. A NMEA 2000 (or N2K) network is a wired cabling system that lets everything connected to it send and receive little text messages to all the other connected devices. Your Garmin MFD (which...
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    Recommendations for laser tachs?

    And I have this one. https://www.amazon.com/uxcell-Tachometer-Photo-Contact-Rotation/dp/B0711B4QWJ There are perhaps a dozen versions of this tachometer that are almost identical. They look like they are made by a single manufacturer and then relabeled. I bought mine for a previous boat that...