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    Thru-hull valves ( “Seacocks” ) - the Achilles Heal

    I had someone at Fisheries Supply suggest this Trident Series 144 hose for my head intake hose. I discovered later that Trident says: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BELOW WATERLINE THRU-HULL CONNECTIONS. I replaced it.
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    Vendors, General Fisheries Supply (Seattle, WA)

    As a Washington State resident, I find Fisheries Suppy to be a bargain. If you have an account with them, you get a discount off their advertised price. Plus, above a certain total, shipping is free. (I hate to broadcast this last part, but...) If you order online, even if you are a Washington...
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    Customize "What’s New" sections?

    I looked for a way to choose what’s displayed in the What’s New tab, but could not find a setting. I use What’s New to see the latest forum posts, and then I check the Blogs tab to see if there are any new entries there. My preference would be to add a Latest Blogs section to the What‘s New...
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    We Didn't Mean to Replace the Holding Tank

    If the tee fitting on the sink drain hose is below the water line, you theoretically don’t need a Y valve.
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    We Didn't Mean to Replace the Holding Tank

    @markvone I did all the things you suggested above. You can see a picture of our holding tank here. Especially no Y valves. There’s a plug where the second output dip tube will eventually go. It has worked well.
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    We Didn't Mean to Replace the Holding Tank

    @K2MSmith Peggy Hall (the Headmistress) describes a scheme where you put a tee fitting in the sink drain hose below the water line. If you keep the sink drain thruhull closed, the head draws water from the sink. If you open the sink drain, pumping the head should pull sea water through the tee...
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    Help!! E34-2 Holding Tank Position.

    Here is my E34 holding tank, halfway through installation. This is a RONCO B-187, which is the tank meant for the E34. You can even see E34 on the tank label. It is a tight fit and awkward to get in place. You’ll need to get the inboard face of the tank against the inner bulkhead before it will...
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    Thinking about this 1976 32-2, but I don't know what I don't know...

    The owner clearly knows how hard it is for buyers to get to Port Roberts. Have the owner bring the boat to Blaine marina or Bellingham marina for a few days as guest moorage. That makes the boat a lot easier for you to access. If you are looking for a surveyor, see if Steve Berg is available to...
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    Newtec propane control

    Your incompatibility problem is probably the same one I found. I replaced a non-functional Newtec propane detector with a Xintex P-1BS propane sensor and solenoid control on our E34. The Newtec opened the solenoid in the propane locker by putting +12v on the single wire that leads to the propane...
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    Wax on the deck?

    Do NOT use Woody Wax! Seriously. We read Practical Sailor and followed their advice. It was a big mistake. You spray on Woody Wax and rinse it off. Sounds easy. Woody Wax puts a white wax coating on your boat, and what rinses off will leave a stubborn white wax streaks down the side of your...
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    What is the symptom of a dying or dead original battery master switch

    This is probably more than you want to know, but I found the website a month or two ago, and it has hundreds of excellent videos and articles about marine electronics. Check the Resources section. Jeff Cote is the owner, is extremely knowledgeable, and does all the videos. His...
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    AIS standard horizon matrix gx2150

    Your VHF receiver does not receive GPS signals over the air. It needs a separate device to receive GPS information and then send it to your VHF receiver via a NMEA 0183 connection. Check the Files tab for the Standard Horizon GX2150 web page. There are several examples of wiring your receiver...
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    Ice box cold plate

    I second Loren’s choice. We have something similar. The rectangular cooling box won’t make ice cubes, but keeps ice cubes that you bring to the boat frozen for .... days. We don’t actually know for how long because we’ve used up all the ice in gin and tonics long before the ice cubes have...
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    EV-100 wheel pilot notes

    @Christian Williams I agree with your points. Here in the San Juan Islands in Washington, it’s virtually impossible to go 30 miles in a straight line. Our travel is from waypoint to waypoint, dodging islands to get to a destination. But it’s the same considerations; I want the boat to go to the...
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    EV-100 wheel pilot notes

    @Christian Williams Since your anemometer is wireless, you can add a second receiver. It appears you could connect a Raymarine micro-talk gateway to your autopilot SeaTalkNG network to get wind information to the autopilot. Pairing the new gateway to your existing wireless TackTick network is...