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    E23 Rudder

    MkII rudder specs wanted My E23-2 is sporting a J-24 rudder - works well enough but I'd certainly be interested in measurements, specs, photos of the real deal!
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    Database connection down

    Looks like the database connection supporting owner profiles and sea stories has been down for a while. Perhaps an admin can take a look at fixing whatever broke here (something expired or changed?)
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    plugged scupper

    FWIW, The owner's registry has been throwing a database error for at least a week - can't access that part of the site at present. I'm a new owner of a 23-2 getting hip to this cockpit drainage issue as well, and I'm really interested in the option of adding (a) scupper(s) through the transom...
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    New E23-2 owner in SF Bay Area

    New owner of an E23-2 fixed keel in Alameda, California here, reporting in. Bel Far Niente* is well used but functional for her 40 years, somewhat like her owner (ok, 45 years on the owner.) My opportunity to get back into sailing properly (I raced dinghies and crewed on bigger boats in Santa...