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    E32-200 stuffing box (tight fit)

    I am having trouble removing the old flax and replacing. Wondering if I need to remove the shaft to get it done. The attached picture shows how little room there is between the stuffing box nut and the engine. Anyone have this same issue or a solution? Thanks - Peter
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    Ericson Hats

    2 please. Thank you
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    Battery bank expansion - 32-200

    Any 32-200 owners have experience putting additional batteries in the aft cabin hanging locker? Peter
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    Battery bank in 1988 32-200

    I have 2 group 27 Trojan AGMs in the original battery compartment below the mattress in the aft cabin. Each is a separate bank and I use the original 1, 2, All switch configuration. I am planning to add 2 more Group 27s and locate them in a battery box (need to build) in the bottom of the...
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    New Battery Bank 32-200

    I recently put in 2 new trojan group 27s AGMs in my 1988 32-200 in the original location for batteries, under the aft cabin cushion. They are separate banks and use the 1, 2, All switch. I need to add more amp hours and would like to go with 4 more trojan group 27s and connect them in parallel...
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    E32-200 Schematic - Battery hookup

    The charger should hook up to the batteries directly so the position of the switch should not matter
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    Battery upgrade project

    Tom, I put in a Trojan 27 bank on my 32-200 based on all the great detail on this site and I did put in fuses too. The 50AMP blew when starting the 25XPB engine. What do you recommend for fuse size? Thanks! Pete
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    E32-3 with Univ M25 - Cooling system

    I have found, as others on this site have noted that the brackets that bolt the heat exchanger to my M25 XPB are broken. I have removed the heat exchanger and it looks like I can clean it, replace the gaskets and use it. The problem is I need new brackets to mount it back onto the engine...
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    Show us your recent Ericson photos

    Cockpit and Engine and Head
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    Show us your recent Ericson photos

    More photos
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    Show us your recent Ericson photos

    Some pics Some pics of of the sole, table, nav table, interior teak, and other remodeling work done over last year+
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    Battery upgrade project

    OK got it so it is a 12V system. Yes, I have the 1,2, All switch. So, if I set up 2 6V T-145 in series the system acts like 1 battery, right. So the 1,2, All switch is no longer used? Thanks! Peter
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    Battery upgrade project

    Loren, I am considering going with the T-145s you are using. I currently have 2 interstate SRM 24s for a house bank. I do not have a separate starter battery - just use the house bank to start. I have a 1988 32-200 with the battery compartment under under the cushion in the aft cabin. I...
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    Engine stalling

    Ok, got the 200 series kit and not the 500. Already has the fittings and the 500 is big.
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    Engine stalling

    Thanks for all the comments. I routed the fuel line so it bypasses the primary fuel filter (Racor 200) and goes directly from the fuel tank to the pump and into the engine. Result is engine runs great with no stalling and no delay in throttle power. Now or I need to buy a new racor so I...