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  1. P problem?

    Using Sean’s link, I can get to yachtworld, but if I try to look at a boat, it craps out on me. And just trying from the url won’t even get me to yachtworld. The problem must be on my end. Thanks for your help! I guess I might need to make an appt at the genius bar. ☹️
  2. P problem?

    Thanks. I was afraid of that. ☹️
  3. P problem?

    I’ve been having problems with yachtworld. i can access the site thru Sean’s link of the top 3 sites, but when I try to look at any particular Ericson, I get a “bad request” message. And if I try to just type in as a url, I get the same message. Is anybody else having problems...
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    Boat listing

    Didn’t there used to be a spreadsheet here that listed Ericson’s by length, year, hull number, name, hailing port, owner, contact info, that sort of thing? If so, I sure can’t find it. If not, it’d be a great project for somebody with the skills.
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    Looking for an Ericson 35-2

    There are 3 35-2s listed on Yachtworld right now in SoCal. I guess it matters what you mean by ”good condition, good price”? If the one listed in San Diego were up here in SF Bay, I’d certainly go take a look.
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    Independence 31

    A ‘79 Independence 31 just hit the local craigslist. A newish Yanmar, roller furling on both jib & staysail, Cape Horn wind vane, solar panel, $25k. Thoughts? I’ve always lusted after this boat, but i’m Not sure what to look for other than the obvious.
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    1970 32-2 in Alameda - Yachtworld

    So I went down & took a look today. The good: New canvas, no obvious stress cracks on the deck, no obvious soft spots or cracking while you walk the deck (Every Ericson I've walked the deck on has had areas that go "crack" when you step on them, indicating a potential delimitation or not...
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    1970 32-2 in Alameda - Yachtworld

    Thanks for posting. I’ll go take a look next weekend. She appears to be the way I like them - Pretty much a basic boat w/o a lot of unnecessary options. Repowered with a diesel, new dodger, not a lot of (old) electronics. The chainplates are a concern, of course.
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    Looking at a 35-3 Hope this works! Went down to the marina only to find that everybody at the brokerage was down in LA for an Xmas party! I am a bit concerned about the mast step, especially since I just found the download...
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    Looking at a 35-3

    I'm going to go down and look at a 35-3 today. I know that, if I really like the boat, a survey is an absolute requirement. But are there any known issues with the boat that I need to look out for?
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    E35-2 Was a keel stepped mast an option?

    Yep, it's the 35 on Craigslist. Having just the pic that was posted and not having one to inspect, I doubted that it was keel stepped, but wasn't sure. Thanks for the clarification. The other one I referred to was definitely keel stepped, however. Musta been an owner mod. Why are you...
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    E35-2 Was a keel stepped mast an option?

    I believe almost all, if not all, E35-2s had deck stepped masts as original equipment. I knew of one that had a keel-stepped mast, and that kept the boat from a dismasting. The starboard shrouds pulled out, and the owner reacted quickly enough so that he saved the mast. I know of another...
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    epoxy bottoms

    I've been looking at E-35-2s. Some have had epoxy bottom jobs, and some have not. My question is really pretty simple: How long does an epoxy bottom job last? Is it something that will have to be re-done every 5 or 10 years, or is it a more-or-less permanent solution to the blistering...
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    I'm confused

    Thanks for the reply! I've been on 2 1979 35-2s, and both were keel-stepped. But I've read that you need to look at the compression post carefully if you are considering a purchase. That, and the chainplate leakage, seem to be the biggest concerns. Do you have the padded vinyl liner that...
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    I'm confused

    I've been browsing, looking at E35-2s of 1979 =/- vintage. I know of one for sure (I've actually been on board with a broker) that has a keel-stepped mast, and I've seen another one that has a mast showing in the interior pix, but most of the boats have compression posts! Does...