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    1980 E38 Interior Lights - Free

    Thanks for the info, will have to get a friend to check it, I don't do Facebook, consider it a self inflicted invasion of privacy.
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    1980 E38 Interior Lights - Free

    I would love to have them, my 78 E 29 has three lenses that are cracked. They look the same as yours.
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    Hauler We just purchased a Hunter 376 and had it trucked from Atlanta to Pensacola by The Boat Exchange, Rick was ausom, easy to work with, professional and met our timetable perfectly. He even text pictures of the boat so the overnight stop. His number is 803-429-6947. His pricing was...
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    Dinghy Poll

    I had a Zodiac Zoom then I picked up a used walker bay 8 and added fenders along the gunnels instead of the $700 tubes. The boat is heavier but I can stand on the side and not dip water. she rolls until the fenders hit the water and then she is firm. A 4 HP Evinrude is over power and with the...
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    Window tinting advice needed

    Think about the channel, it is a U that is leaning in, any water that ends up in the channel will spill out to the inside, I drill drain holes in each lower corner on the outside to allow the water that might enter the channel to drain. DO THIS WITH THE GLASS OUT.
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    Rocket Boat Project-which boat/what do you think?

    I would like the performance of the silver but the look of the blue, I guess that is no help. I guess I would go for the speed in the end, that is what you are really looking for isn't it.
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    Ericsons in Pensacola FL

    The Rome Sailing Club is headed to Pensacola FL for the second annual CHEER cruise and I will be there on my E29 I have moved to her new home, Island Cove marina Hope to see other Ericsons while we are from 9-15 to 9-20. We will be sailing between Pirates Cove and Navarre.
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    Ericson 29 versus Ericson 30 +

    I like my two E 29s If you go with the 29 be aware that the back of the keel is hollow to the bottom, Both of my 29 have had the bottom half of the hollow filled, I did the one on Rumkin and the other was done by a previous owner. I used a 60 pound bag of topping mix secrete mixed and poured...
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    Folding prop

    Thanks Mort Pensacola is a haven for barnacles and that is my concern. I have both props Flexofold and Martec I would just have to swap them boat to boat if I wanted the FLexifold for the boat in Pensacola
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    Folding prop

    I am finally getting GettinAir ready to take her to the Gulf coast in Sep. The question is, geared or non geared folding prop. I love the flexofold on Rumkin but wonder if hard growth would fowl the gears in salt water, I have a Martec prop on GettinAir but I am thinking of swapping the props...
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    Swim platform

    Any side shots of the sugar scoop? I have thought of this with steps on one side and a locker on the other.
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    E29 Fuel tank removal

    Not my tank On my 78 E29 the tank would not fit through the cockpit lazarette. About 4 inches of the bottom point had to be removed, I used a hand saw to saw the tank, (the tank had been dry for months). Power tools might remove more than the tank. My tank had a hole from electrolysis due to...
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    Trailering Ericson 27

    Killed the tranny I killed the tranny at 215 K miles, I backed a trailer up hill with a 6K boat that had surge brakes and did not lock out the brakes, a couple days later reverse went out. The truck is a 2000 GMC 1500 extended cab, 5.3 V8, towing pkg and heavier rear springs. This combo is...
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    Trailering Ericson 27

    Stepping the mast Who needs a crane to step a mast on a E29. Make a hinge plate for the mast step per the drawings in the E27 documents and use the boom as a gin pole, I also have a 15 ft pole with a winch that I use to assist the first 45 degrees of lift after that it is easy to bring the...
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    Hanging locker doors

    I need a aft hanging locker door for an Ericson 29, the layout is the V berth entrance port side of the compression post. I think the wood is Mahogany it is much darker than the teak interior in my 1976 E 29. Dimensions 11 3/8 X 30 5/8. Randy 770-710-9863