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    ericson banner

    Many years ago there was an Ericson Club on the Chesapeake Bay that got together several times a year. I was one of the original officers and by default got a 32" X 48" banner which we used to fly at raft ups. My wife found it in a closet upstairs today and wants to throw it away. Is there...
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    What is this part?

    Having been the previous owner of the mystery part I can tell everyone exactly what it is. It is a handrail for boarding a passenger car on a Russian railroad train. No kidding. :) I got it from the neighboring slip after they sailed away to BVI some years ago. His company manufactured them...
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    1970 E32 Annapolis MD area

    SOLD 1970 E32 hull number 165. Good running Atomic 4, many extras. Best offer. We have to give up the boat. Hate to see it go. Will donate it if no one wants it. Located on South River at a private dock in Riva, MD Ray Stevens Phone 301-513-7293 Link to Vivant web site...
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    And still more about prop walk 1974 E32-2

    This will probably cause a lot of dissension but: When we bought our 1970 E32 I got an instructor from Chesapeake Sailing School to spend a half day with my wife and I. He had been a sailing instructor at he Naval Academy. He was able to back my boat straight back from a dead stop! I saw him...
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    GPS question

    Does anyone know if there is a GPS with a readout that just gives the Lat/Lon in fairly big numbers, say 1/4 to 3/8 inches high? I have been using an antique Garmin 50 that did that but "it's dead Jim" and Garmin won't service it. I am used to sailing the way I am used to sailing and do not...
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    Simpson-Lawrence electric windlass

    Simpson-Lawrence Sprint Atlantic electric windlass. New in the box, with Lewmar current breaker, panel switch and foot switch and installation instructions. For sailboats to 35 ft. $900 OBO
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    Spreaders on a 1970 E-32

    32-2 serial number "My 32 is technically hull #112 -- that number is written on the inside of the cabinetry in several places -- but I suspect they started with #100 or 101. Does yours say 169 on it somewhere?" My 1970 E32 is hull #165. It is written on the back side of the cabinetry. FWIW...
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    Atomic4 transmission adjustment

    Better search I just went back to Moyer Marine and did a closer search. I think I have found what I need. Thanks for the encouragement. RayS
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    Atomic4 transmission adjustment

    That is where I got my initial information but I could not find a description of how to do the work. Though there was a suggestion that I buy Moyer's A4 repair book. A good idea, but at this time I would like to do it quickly and on the cheap.
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    Atomic4 transmission adjustment

    I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a rundown on the procedure for adjusting the A4 transmission. I think reverse may be interfering with the propeller shaft when I am in forward and that this can be adjusted out.
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    Wanted- electric motor for monomatic head

    Odd as it may sound I would like to keep the old Monomatic head in my boat. The electric motor is dead and not repairable. Contact: Ray Stevens,
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    Annapolis Show

    I will be there Friday, as always, i get there first thing in the morning and stay most of the day. I have the big Ericson banner that I would like to give to someone who is more active in the club now. I will bring it with me and leave it in my car in case I meet up with some of the club...
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    Telcor wind indicator

    Thanks for the reply. I downloaded the Telcor manual. Thanks to the manual I came to realize that the reason I could not make the system work was that the control module was missing! I have gotten a control module but it has a somewhat different serial number and appears to be a newer...
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    Drifter or Spinnaker

    Our 1970 E32 came with a spinnaker and a drifter when we bought it about ten years ago. We put the spinnaker in the attic and use the drifter. It has proved to be a very useful sail. We got a tear in it and took it to a sail shop for repair and they we very encouraging about the use of a...
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    over date flares

    I took some old flares to the local volunteer fire department. They were glad to take them off my hands. Ray Stevens