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Recent content by rbonilla

  1. rbonilla

    Record-breaking crossing of the Pacific in an Ericson 27?

    sooooo cool to follow Andrew and his adventures ++ RESPECT +++
  2. rbonilla

    32-3 Sails [Sold]

    North main, North headsail..roller furling with usv protection material...spinnaker - north
  3. rbonilla

    32-3 Sails [Sold]

    I have north e32 tall sails avail ++
  4. rbonilla

    3 Boats For Sale

    2 boats for sale, whaler and e28...e32 sold...
  5. rbonilla

    3 Boats For Sale

    bump - still available ++
  6. rbonilla

    32-3 Sails [Sold]

    I have some North E32-200 tall sails avail - for anyone interested...main, 150 genny, brand new jenniker..++ xl't shape ++
  7. rbonilla

    Ericson 32-200 FS - Seal Beach

    bump ++
  8. rbonilla

    1987 Ericson 38-200 For Sale

    I don't have a 38 for sale, just a 32 and 28 on trailer , and 22' boston whaler revenge ++ cheers....Richard
  9. rbonilla

    FS - E28+trailer

  10. rbonilla

    Wanted: Ericson 25 on a trailer

    these trailers are tough to find ++
  11. rbonilla

    Wanted: Ericson 25 on a trailer

    I have a beautiful 85 28+ shoal, on a trailer in Northern Colorado...posted on FB marketplace... north sails, garmin touch screen nav, new harkin self tailing winches, blocks...nice 28'ter...
  12. rbonilla

    Free Deck Fill Caps

    how does the little chain attach to the fitting ( chain that is attached to the cap ) ?
  13. rbonilla

    Boston Whaler & Trailer / FS - Colorado

    come on out to Colorado...for a few days..I'll put you up and putt putt you around the lake - for a demo ++ i am 40 min north of Boulder Co