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    where do I find my hull number

    Is it on the title or is it stamped on the hull somewhere? Thanks for any help Roy
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    ericson 27 1977

    For sale 6,000.00 Lake Erie Lorain Ohio Call Roy At 440 653 1993 E- Mail is
  3. My 27 Ericson

    My 27 Ericson

    Lorain Ohio Spitzer Marina Lakeside
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    E-27 Owners

    I have the same set up but I dont know why the one near the head Roy9216
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    Ericson 27 boom

    Good shots Thanks for your help.The pictures helped a great deal. I would never have figured that out. Thanks for all your help Roy
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    Ericson 27 boom

    Ill take some Pictures .I have a wheel and where the boom riggs to the mast is what i cant seem to get right. It has a lift that the boom fastens to and im not sure how that is to go together and how do you hold the front of the boom up? thanks roy
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    Ericson 27 boom

    new at sailing whats the difference
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    Ericson 27 boom

    does anyone have some pictures of a 1977 boom rigging?I just dont understand the setup .It seems to be way more involved then it should be. thanks
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    Need E27 Spinn. Halyard install info

    I have a Ericson27 and I want to install a Halyard so I can use my spinnaker. My question is what do I need to install to make this work? And how would I fasten a block to the top of my mast? pictures would be a help. Thanks for any help Roy9216 <!-- / message -->
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    Are there any

    Good Boating Wow thats wonderful.Maybe we can all get together this summer. we can stay in touch .Im in Spitzer Lakeside Marina Lorain Ohio. Happy Summer Roy and Claudia
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    Are there any

    Ericson boat owners in the Lorain/Clevland area ? Thank You Roy9216
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    new at sailing

    great joke and thanks to everyone for all the info .At last I will have help when I need it .Thank you all so much and good sailing to all. Roy9216 Vermilion Ohio Spitzer Lakeside Marina Lake Erie:)
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    new at sailing

    just bought a 1977 ericson 27 from a 80 year old man . and he told me the boom is held up by the main sail and that it nothing to the top of ths mast . Is this true? And I cant tell by the manual drawings.Wish i could see the top of a mast thanks in advance for any help roy9216,:confused: