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    Selling - Shipmate Cabin Heater (model 711CH)

    Selling a used Shipmate cabin heater that was removed from my E29. It is in very good condition, though I've never had a chance to use it. Comes with vent pipe - Selling for $300 (shipping not included). Located in PNW but will ship anywhere.
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    Wheel to Tiller conversion E29

    Thanks all for your suggestions! Sounds like it might be worth securing the rudder, just in case. And the PO did not install a new cockpit drain in the forward part of the cockpit.
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    Wheel to Tiller conversion E29

    Hi all! First-time post here on this fantastic forum. Last summer I purchased a 1973 E29 and am slowly chipping away on restoring her. One of the many projects on my list is to replace my wheel with the tiller that came with the boat. The PO converted it to a wheel and thankfully left the...