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    Best sailing picture from Summer 2021?

    Cruising out around the Crescent City lighthouses this weekend was pretty awesome. Nice wind and lots of whales!
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    Ericson 30+ Peregrine Heart

    Hey Michael, It was great to meet you in the Crescent City marina today, and I was inspired to see you head south into the fog. Your sailboat was extremely beautiful, impressive and inspiring! Fair winds and following seas! Shankara
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    Alcohol now illegal in California?

    If you’re into a visit to a bordering state, stock up on a few years worth. This method works well for me. Keep the stockpile on land and refill a smaller container for the Ericson.
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    Cowel vents

    Toddster: this Vetus “Dorade Box for Cowl” looks like the answer - It will eliminate the need to run water away from vents leaking into cabin with ducting. The duct work has always seemed out of place. This type of...
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    Cowel vents

    We just had a little rain which gave me the opportunity to chase down some leaks. These old Cowel vents on my E25+ definitely let in water, more so when the weather angle is pointing at the opening. I’m planning to replace with a low profile cowel vent that has a deck plate to use in case of...
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    Alternator exciter wire missing - E25+ Volvo Penta

    Hi again Ericson crew, I finally got my alternator to charge my batteries. I did take the alternator into a shop and had it tested and it was working just fine. Thanks 1911tex! The answer was pieced together by bits of information found buried in YouTube related to keywords of “GM three wire...
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    Mast stepping on E-25CB - which way is best?

    A friend and I stepped the mast on my 25+. We did not have any experience doing this or any guidelines. We did try it from the stern and quickly realized that the curve on the bottom of the mast was there to allow stepping to be done from the bow. Resting the mast on the bow pulpit required one...
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    Nice looking 1972 E32 for sale in LA

    Just saw this, she looks amazing: ERICSON 32' SAILBOAT 1972
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    E25+ Bilge work: cleaning, epoxy, paint, pumps, wiring… questions

    A closer look at the bolt hole thingy:
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    E25+ Bilge work: cleaning, epoxy, paint, pumps, wiring… questions

    Greetings! When I purchased my beautiful 1980 Ericson 25+ last year in Portland, the previous owner opened the bilge and said, “Dry, good!” I thought to myself, “Wow! I don’t even know what a bilge is?” It was a strange and fascinating looking part of the boat and I was amazed. Last winter the...
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    Tool Reviews

    I just got some of these from Wirefy: 270 PCS Heat Shrink Wire Connector Kit Electrical Insulated Crimp Marine Automotive Terminals Set I also got crimpers and strippers of the same brand...
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    E26-2 - How to Un-Step the Mast

    My 25+ has the cutout for hinging (see picture attached.) I had the option to wait through the weekend and have the marina place the mast with a crane, or try to raise it manually with a friend and a gin pole made out of a spinnaker pole. If I were to do my entire life over I would have had the...
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    Chubby Girl Cruising

    There is a guy paddling from our harbor in Crescent City to Hong Kong next week:
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    E26 Fuel Gauge Sender and Ground

    I just bought this bad boy to replace my fuel fill hose. Pretty darn expensive - over 20 bucks a foot. Fits good on the top but won’t go on the tank fitting very well. Guy at the Englund marine said to soak that end in boiling water to soften it up. There is a black wire screwed to the top fuel...
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    Alternator exciter wire missing - E25+ Volvo Penta

    Yes! Loren the engine has a sail drive! Thank you for the warm welcome! Geoff, thanks for helping! From what I can make out it looks like the alternator is a SEV Marchal A 14/35 70229702 28 3 I’m not sure about the internally/externally regulated bit. It does have a black plastic piece on the...