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    Atomic 4 engine controls

    Would anyone know of a source for engine controls for my 1974 E32 Atomic 4. I was curious about using the Teleflex 2100 single lever dual action controls in place of the current setup. I am also currently trying to remove the...
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    removing glue from cabin sole

    Does anyone know a solvent that is safe for fiberglass and can remove the strips of glue used for carpet backing? Thanks in advance. Steve.
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    1974 E27 for sale

    Located: Lake Texoma, Texas Photos at: Price $10,500 Description: Bottom job 2004 Interlux Ultra New seacocks Palmer P-60 gas engine rebuilt 2003 ~35 hours by Wayne's Industrial Service New exhaust system 2003 New CDI propeller (12x7)...
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    74 E27 optional pull-out double

    Does anyone know of how the optional pull-out double berth conversion for the starboard settee worked on an E27? I have a 1974 but I saw this feature advertised on a 1978 model. Thanks in advance. Steve Slaughter
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    Prop for E27

    E27 propeller from CDI I went with a CDI urethane prop for my '74 E27 with Palmer P60 engine. It had a 10x6 but I switched to a 12x7. My backing performance was greatly improved. I lost a few rpm's but I can make 6.2kts with an easy cruise at 5kts. The boat's acceleration is also improved. The...
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    Vented Loop in Exhaust Hose

    Exhaust loop Thanks for the input. What you say makes perfect sense. Steve
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    deck painting and interior fiberglass painting

    E27 topside paint I've used the Pettit Easypoxy undercoater and one-part polyurethane topside paints to good effect on my E27. It levels and flows well so if you brush it on, the brush strokes will tend to disappear. This section was previously painted. It was sanded to gelcoat before applying...
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    For Sale 1974 E27

    Located in Texas (Lake Texoma). $11,000. Ready to sail. Well maintained. This boat has new bottom job and newly rebuilt inboard. Contact Steve at Photos at: Bottom job 2004 Interlux Ultra, taken down to gelcoat...
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    Vented Loop in Exhaust Hose

    I have an E27 with a Palmer P60. This is a raw water cooled engine with a water lift muffler. The exhaust hose currently rises from the muffler to the top of the lazarette then loops back down to the thru-hull outlet. Should I place a vented-loop in the exhaust line? Thanks in advance. Steve...
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    Depth sounder

    DataMarine Depth Replacement You might try . They build and supply transducers for a variety of manufacturers. I've email'd them in the past and they have been very helpful. I had a 4" hole from a failed DataMarine instrument in my E27. I replaced it with a Standard...
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    E27 Years?

    E27 production years I believe the E27 was produced between 1971 & 1979 where ~1300 were made. They were up to hull numbers in the 500s by 1974. Perhaps someone with more knowledge can comment. Steve
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    radiator refit for E27 Palmer P60

    I have a 1974 E27 with a Palmer P 60 gasoline engine. This was based on the IH60 engine seen in the Cub tractors. It is currently raw water cooled. I would like to add a radiator. I can purchase a new radiator for the IH Cub tractor. It would seem that all I would need to do is connect the...
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    '74 E27 1000cc Engine Starter Battery

    Thanks I put in an Optima Red Top and couldn't be happier.
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    E27 waterline

    Thanks for all of your input I now have a new bottom job. Steve
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    Wanted Pedestal & Wheel E27

    I am looking for a used pedestal/wheel steering setup for my '74 E27. Contact Steve at if you have one for sale. Thanks.