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    Join us on July 22ndat 7pm EDT

    for the CBEC Virtual Meeting

    The Chesapeake Bay Ericson Club (CBEC) is hosting special discussion on:

    Special Guest: Mr. Matt Benhoff,

    Vice President, Annapolis School of Seamanship 

    Topic: Annapolis School of Seamanship Basic Diesel Engine Course

    All EYO members and followers are welcome to join the fun and put a face to the names you've been seeing on the site!

    See the link below for login credentials and join us!

    July Meeting Info

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    ...3 Years in the Making:

    Join Us for the 2022 Ericson Pacific Northwest Rendezvous!

    Due to Covid and all that it brought, our annual tradition was put off for some time. Now it's back with a vengeance!

    Please join us July 22-24 at Genoa Bay, BC Canada for fun, games and we'll learn something as well (maybe).

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Recent content by Stuart 28-2

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    Thanks all. Yes, I was thinking snaps were missing from those holes. Nice to know I can leave them alone - one less job!
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    Anyone know what these clips are called? I have a number missing and rain can get in.
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    Source for gasket for fixed portlights?

    I bought the same kit to use for my 1988 E28-2. Now that it has arrived I can see the gasket is not the same dimensional cross section as my original seals. Did you have a similar difference? Did it still work? See photo.
  4. S

    Non opening portlight gasket

    Anyone know where I can get gasket of this cross section? I'm not having much luck searching online. In some cases they don't show a cross section
  5. S

    Remove starter motor solenoid

    Thanks all. I ended up replacing just the solenoid. It was $34 and I thought would be much easier to get out than the starter motor after looking again. Some PB Blaster and the right size Phillips head made it much easier. Getting at the electrical terminals was not so easy. The other and...
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    Remove starter motor solenoid

    My 1988 28-2 has an M12 Universal diesel engine. Anybody got tips on removal of the starter solenoid? Can it be removed without removing the starter motor? It looks like a nightmare to get at.
  7. S

    Bilge hose material?

    Thanks. So much of that is so close to my experience it could almost be my own words. I found the heat gun is pretty much essential before touching that 1.5" white ribbed hose. However, for sections not removed I think the heat may make it even more brittle over time. On my 28 the 3/4" black...
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    Just bought 1988 28 first things to do?

    I just bought a 1988 28-2 mid last year. I love it. In addition to all of the above I'd make sure the bilge pumps are working. Might be able to do a bucket test first fairly easily if the bilge is nasty and you don't want to pour water into it. However, I would thoroughly clean the bilge asap...
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    Gelcoat with wax vs without wax

    I'm reading in a repair book about applying gelcoat. In the section about rolling it only mentions gelcoat without wax and goes on to point out the need to brush or spray on PVA afterward so the gelcoat cures. Does anyone know of a reason to not roll gelcoat with wax? It seems gelcoat with wax...
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    Temperature for painting Awlgrip

    I am having the transom painted with Awlgrip. I'm doing pretty much everything except spraying the paint - having a pro do that. Anyone have experience with temperature issues? I am reading an application guide by Awlgrip. It has tremendous detail. Under Painting Environment it uses 77deg F as...
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    Price for vinyl lettering

    Wow, that's a huge difference. Where did you buy them?
  12. S

    Price for vinyl lettering

    QUOTE="Chschaus, post: 151119, member: 13777"] Installed or Ready to Apply? Just to supply the letters.
  13. S

    Fund Raising Season 2021-2022

    Hi Sean, Do you mind telling the total annual cost to run the site?
  14. S

    Price for vinyl lettering

    I was quoted $149.00 for lettering to go on the transom. Boat name only - Signature II. Does this sound like a reasonable price? More quotes to come but they're a bit slow.
  15. S

    Which white?

    I'm thinking of painting the transom as opposed to gel coat repair. Anyone know what color off white matches 1988 Ericsons? (I am assuming all are similar color off white but maybe they're not.) Awlgrip have quite a few off white selections and I'm told you can't tint it.