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    Read a terrific non-fiction book you will certainly enjoy!

    Read it years ago. Agree it is excellent!
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    30+ Overheating- Solution in Hand?

    I hope you are not disparaging doctors. I always did my own maintenance work including changing my own pencil zincs and greasing the zincs in the rudder shaft. :)
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    Ericson 32-I, Scorpion or 5.5

    Loren--the one you found in Virginia is still for sale on Yachtworld.
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    Ericson 32-I, Scorpion or 5.5

    Good Old Boat article Nice article about the Columbia and the Ericson in the March/April 2012 Good Old Boat. Mentions a lawsuit regarding the design similarities.
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    Coffee Coffee Coffee

    Coffee I missed this thread until today. One strong endorsement for Sven. I am also of Swedish descent, and all the Swedes I knew growing up in Minnesota, and later in Maine, drank perked coffee. Whenever I charter with friends, I perk a pot for myself, and everyone is startled at the...
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    winter cover

    I have had two covers by The Canvas Shop, one for my previous boat, and one for my current boat. The first did not fit perfectly, but I lived with it; the second is a perfect fit. When I had a dodger made for my current boat in Annapolis, the canvas guy said he could not touch the prices of The...
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    Fuel Polishing ASAP

    If you keep it topped off, no condensate will occur, so no water will accumulate, so no bugs will grow. I think a fuel stabilizer (like Pri-D) to prevent asphaltene precipitation is more important. And a water absorbant, just to be sure. The idea that all that black crud is "algae" or some...
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    Fuel Polishing ASAP

    fuelschool.blogspot "within the consuming public there is a misunderstanding that diesel in particular is a homogenous product that has the same quality and characteristics everywhere. This is not the case; diesel fuels are refined from crude oils of different origins with different...
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    Fuel Polishing ASAP

    Now I understand a little better. Did you install a dedicated pump for this? Also, it would seem that it would be better to do this while the boat is bouncing in some wave action so the tank is agitated.
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    Fuel Polishing ASAP

    I would like to gently take issue with these opinions.... I'm no diesel mechanic, but I have a chemistry and microbiology background, and I have read on this subject as much as I could over the years. It is generally safe to say that no microorganisms grow in diesel (there are a few rare...
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    Fuel Polishing ASAP

    I once kept 2 gallons of diesel in my garage in a yellow 5 gallon jug, and in a few months there was a thin layer of asphaltene on the bottom. This is what convinced me of the source of the problem. Shake the jug, and the particles float. The boat movers I speak to here in Maryland always...
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    Fuel Polishing ASAP

    I am of the opinion that all old diesel tanks are coated with asphaltene. Everyone is "taught" that the sediment is "algae", and can be killed with biocide. In fact, the alphaltene continuously precipitates out of the diesel over time. Additives can slow but not stop the precess. The tank needs...
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    Soft Cabin Sole

    I re-did the sole on my 30+. Here's the issue: the actual sole on the 30+ is fiberglass, with inset depressions in the "pan" just deep enough to hold cutouts of plywood. The plywood is VERY thin...3/8" I believe. The plywood contributes nothing to the structure of the floor. It just sits in...
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    Fuel Filter Change Frequency

    Black sediment in diesel tank I don't think that the black sediment is biologic. Personally, I doubt algae ever grow in diesel fuel unless there is water in the tank, which is a separate problem and should be addressed as such. Diesel fuel contains unstable hydrocarbons which oxidize and...
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    Winter storage cover for E28?

    Winter Cover I have purchased two covers from The Canvas Store--one for my Ericson 30, and another for my current boat. The price is quite fair. My "canvas guy" who did my dodger said he could not come close to The Canvas Store for a winter cover. In addition, the design has been tweaked...