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    Extraction, cleaning, and reinstallation of four fixed ports on 1975 Ericson 25.

    Yes, not sure how long but you can have what I got. I will try to measure length later.
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    Above-deck boathook storage

    We too keep one, the beat up one, on the port saloon top hand rail and a much better one in the quarter berth next to the engine compartment and companion way ladder. sits nice there. No one has stolen the beat up one in 4 years!
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    Thought I would write an update to my original E27 Head Base post. It's done and looks really spiffy. After reading and looking at all the information you all sent I settled on using the lake as my source and not plumbing from the water tank. After I watched a video of how a Jasco twist and...
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    Thru-Hull ?

    Ball valve for head intake and the A4 intake on E27 is standard 1/2" and is $21.00 at WM. I just replaced mine. I did not have to replace the actual through hull so maybe you can just replace the valve. That is all I had to do. The actual through hull fitting was solid as can be. E27 and E29...
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    Thank you all for your advise. Our E27 does not have a sink in the head but may in the future. there is a through hull for water intake but none for the waste so no Y valve or any of that. We use the boat mainly as a day sailor going out at least three times a week in the summer and also some...
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    Hi all, when we got our E27 a few years ago one of the PO’s had removed the toilet and holding tank. We have been using a port a pot but now I am ready to reinstall a jasco head. i have 2 questions. 1: what is under the head ledge (for lack of a correct name)? Our boat has no access to that...
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    E27 ladder upgrade

    OK, so this is overkill. Like putting steel toes on a set of Sperry Topsiders. I got tired of the starboard side ladder clip coming lose. The side of the companion ladder was cracked on the starboard side and I have tried over the years to either fill or stick wood into the screw hole to make it...
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    Running rigging to cockpit

    Hey Rande, we have a 76 E27 with helm steering. It has one winch on the mast we use only for the Genoa since we have roller furling and only use it few times a season. We run our main halyard to a winch on the starboard side of the companion way. Port is for the spin (ex drifter) when running...
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    wanted: RH prop with 3/4" bore

    I have a prop sitting on my desk at my work from our 1976 E27. I was going to mount on a stand. We upgraded to a three blade indigo unit in 2018 and have not looked back. love the extra power when going reverse. if interested I can measure, take a picture and figure if it is what your looking...
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    E29 with A4- exhaust head scratcher.

    E29/27 Exhaust attached is photos of the standpipe exhaust we made for our E27. it was made to the design in the E29/27 manual with the only change my future son-in-law used a threaded cap instead of welding the top shut. this will allow us to check the inside of the standpipe every year for...
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    Extraction, cleaning, and reinstallation of four fixed ports on 1975 Ericson 25.

    Extraction, cleaning, and re-installation of fixed ports I am in the middle of doing the same on our E27. the Catalina kit gasket and trim has worked excellent. be careful not to over bend the frames when taking out the glass. the E27's only have one joint and one rivet so it's hard to pull...
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    Replacing cushions

    Got to love the Amish. We had our E27 cushions done last year. they were covered in navy Naugahyde and we did not choose piping. the two midships berths received new foam. chose the Naugahyde because you can just wipe it off but it is colder to sit on at first. Total of 5 saloon cushions and...
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    Forward jib track for ericson 27...where should it go?

    Both Christian and Supersailor are right You will need more specific sail info for your circumstance. We very seldom use our track because of the Rolling Genoa and, I'll admit, I have gotten lazy in my old age. It begins about 6 inches aft of the forward stanchion and ends about the forward...
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    shipping a mast

    Mast Damage When we purchased our E27 a couple years ago, We had to ship it from Eastern Michigan to Cleveland. a trip of about three hours or so. We took down the mast, disconnected the spreaders, antenna, windex and then covered the whole thing in plastic wrap, using small bubble wrap...
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    Ericson 27 Parts For Sale

    27 parts Hey Matt, I'll take the tiller and I would really be interested in the companion way hatch so if that come available I will take. My zip is 44126. I am on the west side of Cleveland. If the hatch come available and you are in Buffalo I might just drive to pick up. its about 3 1/2...