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    34-2 Campbell Prop owners - verification of West North manuf sizing?

    First time out with the new prop was a success! All the vibration is gone, we cruised at 2700 rpm / 6.2 knots, maxed out at 6.6 at full 3600 rpm. Even had an hour or so on a perfect beam reach pushing 7.2 so there can't be too much drag. I couldn't be happier with my first impression.
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    Zipper Pull Repair [Master Thread]

    I finally tackled this one last weekend. I spent 2 years trying on my previous boat before ripping the headliner out and 6 months with my current boat before I was finally able to successfully fix a zipper. The key, I'm embarrassed to say, was actually buying the correct sliders I'm not sure...
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    34-2 Campbell Prop owners - verification of West North manuf sizing?

    I ended up pulling the trigger on the Campbell Sailor. I called Kelsey and discussed the prop. He revised his recommendation to a 13 x 8 based on my 20 hp motor being undersized for the boat and the 2.21 transmission keeping the prop shaft RPMs high. The thing looks tiny next to the old 15"...
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    Sailing with headsail only

    The 25+ was a 1980 with the 4'11". My 135 was newer but had a lot more miles under it. The sail maker I took it to said it was way beyond repair and asked me to bring in all my other sails so he could advise on what I should do. He said the 110 was in perfect shape, so I had him put a luff...
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    Sailing with headsail only

    Thanks Loren!
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    Sailing with headsail only

    Frank, I previously owned an Ericson 25+, which is kind of the little sister to the 30+. I single handed the boat 90% of the time. I tried sailing it with head sail only a few time and quickly learned it wasn't a happy sail configuration for that boat other than downwind. I think it's a...
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    Sailing with headsail only

    My "rail meat" is more rail than meet, so I'm going to have to figure out heeling without help on the rail. I have to be honest, I never really understood how heeling affected helm feel and I thought this thread was headed down the same path. I started and deleted multiple response trying to...
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    Sailing with headsail only

    We had another great weekend on the boat. We spent Saturday night at anchor a few miles from our slip then stopped for the day on Sunday at Langley where we met up with some friends (socially distanced, which was a little awkward, but well work it). The wind instruments have never worked, but...
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    Early this morning as I was installing new alternator belt...

    That's a great tip. Much more solid than a deflation measurement. Now if I only had a tensioner like that (I have to pivot the alternator to achieve tension)
  10. New Elbow.jpg

    New Elbow.jpg

    New Elbow with Heat shield from HDI Marine
  11. Old Thru hull.jpg

    Old Thru hull.jpg

    Old exhaust thru hull with anti siphon connection
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  13. 20200410_121618.jpg


    Exhaust Elbow crack on Yanmar 3YM20
  14. 20200410_121627.jpg


  15. exhaust step down.jpg

    exhaust step down.jpg

    Old 2" to 1 5/8" exhaust custom step down