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    Varnish, why not thin ?

    What exactly are ya pushing around on wood?!? Is it regular old spar? Two-part polyurethane? If it's not epoxy I say cut it 40% & get a nice brush too!!! I went back to brushing more fun than spraying anymore for me!!! I'd rather clean a brush than a gun...
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    Just discovered my boat is/was documented.

    I've been boarded three times in my life, twice by USCG on Lake Superior, & once by ICE (formerly INS or border patrol) on Galveston Bay one night last fall. No problems, had all my gear straight etc. I figure they're just out for their quotas or maybe just bored & looking for something to do...
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    TAFG pictures?

    Yeah the pics are not the best & boat was quite dirty @ the time, but I was surprised at how well TAFG cleaned up, it looks real fresh now, especially considering the condition of the interior when we bought her... Yeah these boats have a following, I've been offered more than I paid & she's...
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    TAFG pictures?

    Well here's all I can come up with. I have some more complete pics on my phone but I can't download em here no connection & my phone is rather old... One is of the area near the shower pan where p.o. in a rage of creativity cut it out. This maybe the most daunting of all the many tasks on...
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    TAFG pictures?

    I think I have a pic or two of portions of TAFG on our '83 E38, I'll do some digging here. Internet is slowwww right now.....
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    Mass fish death fouls King Harbor

    Are the fish depleting the oxygen or is it agricultural runoff or other pollution?!? At least there's plenty of them. When I lived in Oxnard we used to go hit the grunnion when they would hit the beach to spawn. The grunnion are runnion!!! Like smelt, very tasty!!! Used to get those on...
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    Dinghy Poll

    Dinkin' around I honestly don't know the make of ours, but she's a solid 120 lbs. & 8 1/2' I normally don't use the 5hp kicker, kind of a pain to try & reach around behind me steering. My kid's smaller, I go amidships & keep er balanced. She rows very very well though, we like to take her...
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    heavy weather tactics E 38

    I've thought about trying the tow strap I carry around in my truck, it's a little short though. I could tie warp ends around the hooks on the strap ends etc. Think it maybe a little slicker though to get bulk strap cut to the appropriate length w/ eyes sewn in for some hardware. I'm thinking...
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    Boat Swings Wildly at Anchor in a breeze

    I jerry-rigged my storm jib to act as a makeshift rider on our C26MKii & if I can manage to get the pix from my phone to here I'll show them- I was a little proud of myself, worked great!!! Anchored off San Leon TX on an absolutely gorgeous late fall afternoon. Ahhh nice weather..... I...
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    Daisy staysail

    I just need a spinner now...
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    Daisy staysail

    I believe there's a mounting point on our C26 for this, I saw one once I think on a boat out there... This is a great site for stuff like this. Sometimes I go to other sites to see what kind of info is flying around, & this site always seems to have the most & best help. Attaboy mates!!!
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    E38 Bulkhead replacement questions galore

    Still have the Cole stove but the lockers/shelves are gone, aft & fwd of stbd divider bulkhead you could see the remnants where PO's tore them out- I'll assume then that ours is the model w/ the previous configuration, the stove's overhead fitting is still in place, looks like standard...
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    E38 Bulkhead replacement questions galore

    Do you mean E380? Hey Loren do you mean the 380 w/ the aft head? I was looking at the resources page & it looked more like what you're describing- The engine appears to be in a somewhat different configuration than ours though, don't think I'd wanna change that. The powerplant's in good...
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    E38 Bulkhead replacement questions galore

    Thanks Loren, I figure there probably ain't a lot I can change in regards to bulkhead placement, but it'll be interesting to know what I can get away with (or not)- I saved everything I took out for patterns & I might reuse some of the solid teak trim that's attached. I still have some...
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    E38 Bulkhead replacement questions galore

    I am replacing pretty much all the bulkheads in my E38 ('83 #77). I'm wondering about the possibility of changing positions (or eliminating) various bulkheads. My plan originally was to restore back to original, but I could also go custom w/ her (I can always change her back)- Obviously I...