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    Ericson 1978 35' II Rudder for sale. Make me an offer:)

    New rudder info? Hi Mike, I don't need a new rudder, but I'm curious about your new one, did you buy it from Foss? Or did you have one made? Also do you have a picture of the new rudder? Thanks Shane
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    Setting off around the world!

    Cinderella Hi Folks, They made it to Santa Cruz yesterday. I had fun watching them come in and set the hook. I took a couple of photos Setting Anchor Approaching the wharf Pajo, I have a couple more and can send you originals if you want. Cheers Shane
  3. E35-2 Cinderella

    E35-2 Cinderella

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    Setting off around the world!

    Anchorage in Santa Cruz Hi, i don't have any experience anchoring in Santa Cruz, but usually we see folks anchoring between the wharf and the cliffs on the west side of the wharf (closer to the wharf, you'll see others there). Cruisers anchor on the east side too, but I've heard it can be...
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    E35II Holding Tank Installation

    Common wall I believe it is the common wall. Thanks for resurrecting this thread I've not seen. Some PO put a 13 gallon tank below the v birth squandering a bunch of space. My cut out isn't big enough for that tank, but maybe I can easily take off the top frame, or another tank would fit in my...
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    Diesel Injector Service--Remove/Replace and Bleeding

    Harbor freight injector set Hi Christian have you looked at the harbor freight injector to see if they will work. Might be easier then grinding down a socket cheers shane
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    Adding Pedestal Accessories E27

    Looks good Hi Chris, That turned out pretty good, gives me some ideas, I may need to get some of that G10 stuff to mess about with. For the cup holder, maybe bend a couple of stainless rods that screw under the base in Y shape at the bottom (like a bicycle water bottle holder). Or get some...
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    Impress Your Friends with Burgee Display

    burgees The Ericson burgee is cool. Anyone know where I could find one? I've thought about putting up alphabet flags to send messages to the club "Send Beer" "Rum on board" "Mars needs women" etc. My wife tells me I need a "I'm a dork" burgee. I'm not sure about that though. Cheers Shane
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    Show us your recent Ericson photos

    Mexico My 1 1/2 year plan is to head down to Mexico. We will probable be commuter cruisers for awhile (I'm more committed to retirement and quitting work then she is, she likes her job), so I will move the boat south and then north, and she will join me on her winter and summer breaks from...
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    Show us your recent Ericson photos

    Hi Phil! Pics are taken in Moss Landing, north harbor. No windvane, the PO thought the brackets on the back where for a step ladder, although I'm sure it was for a windvane. I've seen similar brackets on other boats with a Monitor, and there is a Monitor windvane sticker on the man overboard...
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    Show us your recent Ericson photos

    Valhalla Hi Sailors, I'm a new owner of Valhalla, a 1977 35-2. These are just after I bought Valhalla. I've done some clean up since then, mostly inside. It's in pretty good shape, and I'll have some questions soon, but wanted to share a couple of pics here. Cheers Shane Pointy End...
  12. E35-2 Valhalla

    E35-2 Valhalla

    General pics of Vahalla a 1977 Ericson 35-2