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    Longest Original Ericson Owner...

    Checking in as someone else who “bought, loved and owned an Ericson for a long time…” Our adventure began in May 1977, when Valkyrie was purchased new from Sail Craft of Bay Head NJ, an Ericson dealer. She was an insane purchase for a 30 year old, yet she has changed and enriched my life in...
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    Ericson Hats

    Got 'em! Rec'd hats today...Quick turnaround. High quality w/excellent embroidery. thx!
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    Ericson Hats

    Four, please...White logo on blue gets our vote
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    Handhold Refinish Advice

    Eternal debates rages on.... I’m a varnish guy. Valkyrie’s teak rails were refinished as part of a refit in 2011, five coats for hatches and handrails. Once that was completed, one coat at the beginning of each season has been all that’s required. Handrails were removed and bleached for...
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    "Alone Together" -- New book on Ericson 32-3 To Hawaii and Back

    Just finishing a re-read of Herb Payson’s Blown Away, wondering what would be next, when I saw this thread. Ordered Alone Together this morning...looking forward to two great reads in a row!
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    New E27 Owner

    ilnadi - I've PM'ed some thoughts per your request above.
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    New E27 Owner

    Welcome. You’ll find the E-27 is the perfect boat for Toms River and Barnegat Bay. My E-27 is located in Forked River (about 10 miles south of Toms River). I’m sure you have plenty of help, but I’d be glad to lend a hand, if ever needed.
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    Show us your recent Ericson photos

    This morning I shoveled snow (again) - temperature seven degrees. With the extreme weather we’ve been having in the Northeast, time to hunker down, plan the 2015 season projects/cruising...and post a couple photos from our 2014 Leif Ericson weekend. :egrin:
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    Fund Raising Time is Here

    thx, Sean Another contribution on its way via PayPal. Happy New Year from the Jersey Shore to you and all Ericson owners/sailors/crew. :egrin:
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    Atomic 4 carburetor

    Hi Colin I just rebuilt the Zenith carb my late-model A-4, and the engine is running better than ever. Hope this perspective will help you: First and foremost, if you have not already done so, get a copy of the A-4 Service and Overhaul Manual from Moyer Marine, which provides step-by step...
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    Ericson Tee Shirts

    Ericson 27 Tee Hey Don You got my attention with that last E27 T. Are graphics available in red? Boat Name Valkyrie. An even dozen: 4 M, 4L, 4 XL. I’ll follow up with a contact at your site. thx for putting these out there for us all :egrin:
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    A-4 replacement no longer hypothetical

    My suggested approach - slight variation on some of the posts above (prices assume a late-model A-4): > Rebuild the water pump (Moyer Repair Kit $150) - Along with new seals, will provide all-new parts and a fresh impeller. May also help reduce water temp > Rebuild the carb (Moyer Late Model...
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    Dinghy Poll

    Tow, Then Row Loki is an 8' Trinka...Oar (and occasional sail) power only!!