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    Sanitation Hose Choices

    The Raritan Sani/Flex will bend on a radius of 3.15″ without kinking per their documentation.
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    New bottom on E34

    I’ll second the VC-17 for freshwater. It seems to be the preferred choice for the boats we store with and we have been using it since 2008. Easy prep, easy application, and does the job it is intended to do. Interlux has useful tables of their materials (paints) and what prep is needed/what...
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    PO Mystery Part

    My best guess is an adjustable mount for an instrument display... but, yeah, a little dumbfounded myself. I have a similar box of things passed to me from the previous owner (a close friend) which was passed to him from the previous, previous owner. That box lives in my brother's garage and is...
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    Sanitation Hose Choices

    Hi @JSM. I replaced the entire sanitation system on Danu in the spring of 2019. The project included a new holding tank and fittings, all new sanitation hoses and clamps, a new larger vent hose and thru-hull, refurbishing the Raritan PHII head, and refurbishing the overboard discharge pump...
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    Mainsheet to boom fitting.

    You need an "internal boom bail" likely available here: I had to replace a broken one a few years back... ordered the part and then had a rigger rivet it in. The part on my boom was K-11428.
  6. Winterization Overview In A Northern Climate

    E28-2 Winterization Overview In A Northern Climate

    Given the recent climate events affecting many of us, and many of our forum members, I thought it would be useful to develop a consolidated resource of winterization best practices and tried and true methods from the perspective of an Ericson owner who does this annually in a cold environment...
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    Energy and sustainability consultant sailing Danu, a 1990 Ericson 28 (Universal M2-12) out of Montrose Harbor in Chicago, Illinois.
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    Bit of an emergency here....advice from our Northern Captains >>>

    @1911tex, if you PM me I’ll give you my phone number and we can chat through a Chicago winterization procedure learned over a few boats and many good and bad recommendations from folks over the years. And possibly this has inspired me to write a blog about what we do. Will also write more of a...
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    Chart Card for Sale: C-MAP NT+: Cape Cod and Long Island to Stotville

    Hi @julibell, I'll send you a PM to work out the details.
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    Chart Card for Sale: C-MAP NT+: Cape Cod and Long Island to Stotville

    Hi @julibell, the card is from my older Raymarine C-120 plotter and I believe (but am not certain) that they are compatible. Also, the following link has an image that I believe is the full coverage of the card...
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    For Sale: Raymarine SmartPilot X5 Wheel Autopilot System

    Hi @goldenstate... thanks for lead! Yes, disassembly has occurred (and the new installation was progressing quickly and well until Chicago decided it was winter). Not that I am an expert in selling things online by any means but I have always thought that the "look at this functional system and...
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    Old Furler

    My guess, and only a slightly educated guess, is an old Schaefer system. But with out the foils, top swivel, and connecting hardware that unit is a project that even if free will cost more than a new set up and considerably more than a used (yet complete) set up. My recommendation is to visit...
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    Old Furler

    My first two questions: (1) What condition are the foils are in and, (2) What condition are the bearings in the drum in? If they are in similar condition to your photo and those being your two most costly fixes I would pass. The rest can be cleaned up and replated/refinished but your total cost...
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    For Sale: Raymarine SmartPilot X5 Wheel Autopilot System

    This autopilot system for sale is a complete kit for a wheel helm. The SmartPilot X-5 system is designed for yachts (all Ericsons are yachts in my opinion) with a laden displacement of up to 16,500lbs. Installation is relatively easy and I suspect anyone on our forum could complete it in an...
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    @julibell, I have ordered replacements on Sailrite before (they have battens in many sizes and lengths as well as end caps). I think the last one I bought cost around $10.00 including shipping. Your local sail loft is also a great resource.