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    2021 CYC Race to Mackinac

    Danu will be out on the lake seeing you all off. Fair winds! For those you who do not know, the annual Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac is the longest freshwater sailing race in the world and it started in 1898. It's quite the event for Chicago's sailing community.
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    E32-3: Brightwork, Remove the Handrails?

    I used fine grade bronze wool and relatively soft plastic brushes to do the teak cleaning. When using any teak cleaner follow the manufacturers’ directions, prepare to use lots of water ideally from a hose, and be ready for a mess. Once the teak was completely dry (24-48 hours) I used 220 grit...
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    E32-3: Brightwork, Remove the Handrails?

    Yes, that is the natural flavor. I should also add that I spent so much time on the project that these covers were made to hopefully extend the life of the finish.
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    E32-3: Brightwork, Remove the Handrails?

    I refinished the handrails on Danu last year during the early days of pandemic. I left the rails in place, cleaned with teak cleaner and plastic brushes/bronze wool, lightly sanded, cleaned with a tack cloth, and then applied four coats of Cetol using a brush and foam applicators. Copious...
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    Off to Hawaii Tomorrow

    Fair winds! Looking forward to your reports and stories.
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    Is Defender Marine trustworthy? Looking to buy a radar

    Defender is my marine retailer of choice and on 80% of items Defender is cheaper than West. Also, they often have factory refurbished units from the major electronics manufacturers and hold pretty good holiday sales. To save on shipping, my approach at the beginning of the spring maintenance...
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    Tool Reviews

    So this weekend I was searching for a BIG flat head screwdriver and asking around. A friend told me to go check their boat and I discovered an interesting tool storage method. He has 3 inch diameter PVC pipe with a closed and sealed fitting on one end and an inspection port/screw plug on the...
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    Winch Maintenance

    Please do report back. This is one of those projects where you will get a high level of satisfaction and accomplishment and there’s few opportunities for things to go far astray (e.g., 5200 cementing pedestal components together, yep, still grumpy). Do make sure to have a service kit on hand (or...
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    Winch Maintenance

    The other situation to be aware of is using your winches to raise sails. A winch that does not engage regularly (or at all) can make getting sails up take extra time... time you want if your engine cuts out and you need canvas out in a hurry. Regular winch maintenance is simple, not too time...
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    Steering Pedestal Wheel Brake Frustrations

    Thanks for the offer John... not diving into this mess just yet. See you soon at CCYC.
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    Steering Pedestal Wheel Brake Frustrations

    Thanks for all the advice! @Christian Williams, will do. Since I did get the brake installed I may punt on this project until the off season as I would rather be sailing.
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    Steering Pedestal Wheel Brake Frustrations

    Some pictures attached of the final installation and tool used. Per @Christian Williams, you can see the 5200. Open to ideas on how to resolve that without serious damage to the pedestal.
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    For sale - 2x Universal 300209 Oil Filters

    Another winner for the M2-12. Will check the boat for these too… but can I ask how you bought one kit and ended up with three filters?
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    For sale - 3x Sherwood 10077K/Universal 287439 Impellers

    These impellers are for the original Sherwood pumps on the Universal M12, M2-12, M-15, 5411, M-18, M-20, 5416, M-25, 5421, M-40, 5432, M-50, 5444 if my memory and google serves me correctly. A little crazy that I see a part number and immediately know “that’s for my engine”. I might have...
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    Steering Pedestal Wheel Brake Frustrations

    Weather in Chicago today was less than 5 knots of wind, 50F, and rainy so I figured it was the perfect time to replace my wheel brake. I had previously bought the rebuild kit from Edson and everything seemed like it would be very straight forward (except this was a boat project and I should have...