1. S

    1984 30 plus interior cushion demensions

    does anyone have the interior cushion dimensions for the 1984 30+ easily on hand? our boat is in Norwalk, under a winter blanket of snow and ice and the shop we're thinking about using to replace them wants dimensions before they will give me a ballpark estimate. Thanks for any help you can...
  2. P

    1984 30+ Purchase Decision

    It's 3:00 in the morning and later today I'll make the decision whether to buy a 1984 30+ or not. I'm looking for last minute insight from the aggregate experience of all of you that will weigh heavily on my decision. I have a couple of questions. Overall the boat seems very clean and in great...
  3. P

    Looking at 1984 30+

    I currently own a San Juan 24 and am looking to step up to an Ericson 30+ 1984. I will be looking at the boat tomorrow and hope to go out for a sail. Does anyone have advice on what to look out for, what rocks to turn over. Also, any strong opinions on an 1984 30+. Sailing performance, comfort...
  4. T

    Looking at E26 1984 for purchase

    Thank you in advance for any comments. I am looking at an 1984 E26 for purchase. I am a newbe to the E26 and wanted pros and cons to this boat. Anything I should be careful to look at to make sure I am not buying a hidden project boat??. I am considering a haul out for full survey, with...
  5. L

    Selling 1984 Ericson 381

    Hi, I am selling my Ericson 38 after having it for 14 years. For more than 30 years I have owned the great Ericsons and the sailing has been fantastic times in my life. This Ericson 38 was the best Ericson I ever owned because it sails so much better. It was a fantastic boat with great...
  6. WhiteNoise

    1984 30+ for sale

    With the birth of a new baby boy and some other considerations, I have decided to sell Pegasus and take the short break from boat ownership. It is very bittersweet for me as I have done lots of work and get many compliments on her. She is a very solid boat. There are some cosmetic projects left...
  7. WhiteNoise

    1984 30+ for sale

    1984 30+ for sale - negotiable for quick sale With the birth of a new baby boy and some other considerations, I have decided to sell Pegasus and take the short break from boat ownership. It is very bittersweet for me as I have done lots of work and get many compliments on her. She is a very...
  8. Jeff Asbury

    Ericson 30+ 1984 $16,000.

    http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/boa/1175047254.html Ericson 30+ 1984 many extras w/transferable slip - $16000 (or offer Marina del Rey) Man, this looks tempting. Especially after being left in the wake of a 30+ on the way to Catalina for the recent Southwest Ericson Yacht Gathering.
  9. J

    1984 Ericson 38 For Sale - Puget Sound

    Nice 1984 Ericson 38. Deep Draft Competition Keel (6'-6")Main + 3 head sails - roller furling - all lines to cockpit - 32 HP Universal Diesel (4000 hrs) - hard dodger - davits - Furuno radar and plotter - EPIRB - VHF - Frig O Boat refrigeration - Electric Windlass - 200' chain rode - nice teak...
  10. L

    Wanted-Control Panel 1984 30 plus

    I am looking for a control panel for my 1984 30+. Part no. 300680 Standard Panel, Novatron. It has oil pressure, amp meter, key and two momentary buttons. Can anybody help a brother out?
  11. L

    Defective 1984 E 381?????

    Defective Rigging 1984 E 381????? I have studied all the rigging postings on this Ericson site and now I started tuning my rig because it hasn't been tuned right for some reason since I had the mast refurbished and new standing rigging installed by the mast rebuilding and rigging company...
  12. R

    1984 35 - 3

    Hello all, We are seriously considering purchase of an ericson 35 (OK we are in the offer counter offer stage) and wonder about the top five things to check on this model. I have never owned a sailboat of this size before and want to make it a well considered start. The site looks great and I...
  13. L

    Rigging on a 1984 E 381

    I had my new rigging tuned on my 1984 E 381 by a professional and after he did the tuning the door to the head will not close because the top is now lower above the doors top edge at the doors far end so it will not close shut. Also, the cover on top of the holding tank now does not easily...
  14. WhiteNoise

    1984 E30+ for sale

    1984 E30+ Eager to sell She is a 1984 Ericson 30+. Fractional rig. Starting a family and looking to sell. Asking $25K. Negotiable. Make a reasonable offer. I have put a lot of work into her. All new this past season: -Auto Pilot -Entire 12V system replaced: custom panel including new...
  15. Leon Sheean

    1984 E-33 Temp Gauge

    A friend of mine has an E-33 (1984) and the temp gauge has ceased to function. How does one verify that the temp sensing unit is sending a signal to the gauge, and can that signal be tested with a multi-meter? By the way, which Kubota block is the 1984 M-25? The D-950?
  16. V

    1984 project boat

    While walking through Jabins Yacht yard in Annapolis today, I came across "Un Viejo Amor," a 1984 Ericson 38. It's very run-down cosmetically but looks structurally sound. The yard manager told me that it belonged to a sailor who died several years ago and is being kept in storage by his...
  17. jreddington

    1984 E-28 - Structure under bilge?

    Was installing a new bilge pump in the most forward of the small bilge compartments in my 1984 E-28. I had removed the screws which held the old pump base down and removed the old base. I hand pumped out the bilge and was sponging out the remainder when I noticed water weeping up though the two...
  18. Jeff Asbury

    Nice Ericson 1984 30 For Sale $24,900.

    Nice Ericson 1984 30 For Sale http://www.ericson30.com/ $24,900.
  19. C

    Tuning info 1984 28+

    Greetings. I just bought a 1984 Ericson 28+. So far I haven't found any spec's on tuning the mast. Rack, prebend, shroud tention and the like. she's a fractional rig with no running back stay and roller furl. Does anyone know, or point me in the right direction? David. Thank you.
  20. B

    For Sale: 1984 30+ in Connecticut

    Hull No. ERY30666M84H 10'6" Beam; 5'10" Draft; 9000lb Displacement; 16 HP 2 cylinder Universal Diesel with very low hours; wheel steering with leather cover; Awlgrip Kenyon mast; 6 berths; 6'2" headroom; Teak & Holly sole; Wilson Silsby Mainsail; 150 Mylar Genoa; Jib; Boom Vang; Furkex Roller...