1. S

    Size of whisker pole for an E 32-3

    What size whisker pole is best for a 32 foot Ericson?
  2. C

    Leaking head on '87 32-3

    I am having a slight leak of water when the head is pumped. The fresh (salt) water seeps from the top of the head unit when pumping water to flush. I have checked the plastic nut that surrounds the pump shaft at the top of the unit and it is tight. I am not sure of the unit model, but I am...
  3. I

    Wanted E 32-3

    Anyone on the West Coast contemplating selling their Ericson 32-3? If it's been given adequate love & been consistently well cared for, please give me a yell.... I'm still looking for the best darned boat ever designed... Bruce :mouseears b.schaffer@sbcglobal.net
  4. T

    Larger Batteries in 32-3?

    Anyone install larger house batteries in a 32-3? If so, where did you mount them? The built in "battery box" under the quarter berth only holds 2 of the small Group 24 batteries and I'd like to install larger house batteries. I'd even thought about cutting out this battery box to get a larger...
  5. A

    Ericson 32-3 shoal keel vs deep keel

    Does anyone know if a E32-3 shoal keel (4'4" draft) is more tender and points less high than the deep keel model (6'2")? Thanks
  6. P

    Repowering a 32-3

    I'm thinking of perhaps replacing my 1986 M25 with a M25XPB. Has anyone done this? I was hoping that I could just take the old engine out and drop the new one in. Is life really that simple? My current engine has a 3 point mount. The dealer felt I should go with a 4 point mount which seems to me...
  7. I

    Wanted Ericson 32-3

    Wanted Ericson 32-3 <HR style="COLOR: #fffffb; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fffffb" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Anyone on the West Coast contemplating selling their 32-3? I'm still looking..... If it's been given adequate love & been consistently well cared for, please give me a...
  8. T

    Anchor Locker 32-3

    Has anyone removed the anchor locker pan? I want to reseal and re-bed it and some cleats, bow rail, etc. and just like to know anyone else's experience. Also, the drain is in the bottom and I'd assume it drains into the bilge? Thanks
  9. I

    Ericson 32-3 Wanted

    Anyone on the West Coast contemplating selling their 32-3? If it's been given adequate love & been consistently well cared for, please give me a yell. Bruce b.schaffer@sbcglobal.net
  10. C

    prop size for Ericson 32-3

    Just finished my first summer with an 1985 Ericson 32-3. Great boat. Lots of fun sailing. Different story under power where speed is slow. Getting the proper rpms under load and no load. Cruising 2400 rpm I get 4.5-5.0 kts. Engine is a Universal diesel M25. Prop is a two blade fixed 12LH10. I...
  11. G

    1986 32-3 Review In Good Old Boat Mag.

    The July/August issue of Good Old Boat Magazine did a nice 4 page article on a 1986 32-3. The overall opinion of the boat was very favorable. Reading the article was like reading an article about my own kid considering we have a 1987 version of the same boat!
  12. Mindscape

    32-3 Knotmeter Transducer

    Has anyone removed the knot meter transducer on a 32-3 while in the water? If so how did you get to it? My knot meter just stopped working, first it started reading to high (saw a reading of 9.2 knots, was pretty sure I wasn't going anywhere near that fast in 10 knots of wind:) ) Then it...
  13. treilley

    Ericson 32-3 review

    GOB published a very nice review of the 32-3 in the new issue. http://www.goodoldboat.com/
  14. S

    Original Cost of a 1986 32-3

    What was the orignial cost of the 1986 32-3? I have owned mine for five years and have always wondered. Sam
  15. P

    Thru Hulls on 32-3

    I'm thinking of replacing the vacuum cleaner type cockpit drain hoses on my 32-3. Does anyone know if the white thru hulls are plastic or the better (Marlon?) stuff? Is there a way to tell? If they are plastic I'll have to replace them along with the hoses. Thanks for any help on this.... Mike
  16. B

    85 Ericson 32-3 For Sale

    Original owner of this terrific yacht, Blue Burgundy. Moving inland and must sell. Contact for details & equipment list. Located in Marina del Rey, CA. Tom bburgundy@gmail.com
  17. G

    32-3 galley drawer removal

    Hi guys! I have a '87 32-3 and need drawer help. The little latch that locks the drawer shut on the top drawer in the galley is loose. The wood which holds the metal tap above the drawer appears to be split. The thing slides on a plastic track, but I can't seem to find a release to completely...
  18. P

    E 32-3 For Sale

    Selling our beautiful Ericson 32. We're located in the Florida panhandle near Destin. The boat is well equipped (bimini, dodger, auto-pilot, air cond., etc.) and in really good condition. Only 800 hours on the Universal diesel. Asking $39,500 or best offer. Send an email for more info &...
  19. F

    need help in rebuilding windows in 85 32-3

    Hi there, I'm the first to admit I'm not very computer savvy. I tried to do a search for "windows" "window seal" and some others in this site. I got lots of threads of things other than windows. I'm sure I'm not the first to bring up this subject, but couldn't find many old threads. My fixed...
  20. G

    Ericson 32-3 makes You Tube!!

    A friend of ours did a video and added it to you tube. If you wanna see a e32-3. You Tube then LIL BIT A SOL on search.. Its cool...