1. Dave N

    35-2, lower the boom?

    The 35-2 boom and gooseneck seem to be located way too high on the mast. I am aware of the original rating "logic". I am ordering a new main and dropping the gooseneck by 18 inches or so seems like a very good idea. Has anybody done this, and how much did you lower your boom?
  2. R

    Ericson 1970 35-2 - Advice needed

    I've recently purchased and have been restoring an Ericson 35-2 and I'm starting into one of the four big projects that this boat needs done. The first one I want to tackle is the freshwater tank. I don't know too much about ericson's but I have been going through the manual, it looks like this...
  3. Leander

    Wanted: Ericson 35-2 SoCal

    Am in San Diego. Looking for Ericson 35-2 in low price range. Will consider all west coast, but closer is better! Thanks for considering, Leander
  4. R

    1970 E 35-2 Boom Length

    Can anyone tell me what the specs are for the original boom? My 35-2 was modified to a short boom that just comes to the forward edge of the cockpit. I'd like to restore it to the original. So, if anyone knows the manufacturer and dimensions, I would appreciate the information. Thanks.
  5. Commotion

    Water in the keel E 35-2

    I bought this E 35-2 in the yard and while we were stripping the bottom paint off for barrier coat, we found water leaking out of the trailing edge of the keel. It tasted like salt water (yuck) and for the most part was pretty clear. It just kept coming, so I drilled a 1/4" hole... Ended up...
  6. Captnemo8

    How much HP for a 35-2?

    Hello everyone I'm wondering what size diesel engines people have in your 35-2? I presently have a Grays marine gas engine which according to it's manual puts out 31 HP. I'm wanting to switch over to a Diesel and I'm getting all kinds of advice (salesman) as to the amount of HP I need? Any help...
  7. D

    1979 Ericson 35-2 For Sale $22,500

    For Sale: Price reduced to $22,500. Located in Richmond CA. 1979 Ericson 35-2. 23HP, 2 cylinder Volvo. Club-footed jib. Wind Direction and speed, Handheld Garmin GPS with color chart, VHF, Handheld VHF, Depth Sounder. Mast stripped, painted and rewired in 2003. New stainless standing rigging in...
  8. drcam1

    35-2 vs 32-200

    Trying to decide between two boats. Love the classic look of the 35-2. Like the cabin, head and galley arrangement on the 32-200. I will be doing some single-handed sailing or sailing with my younger children. I would have to run the lines to the cockpit and add self-tailing jib sheets to...
  9. Captain Crunch

    Spinnaker Wanted for E 35-2

    Hello all, I am currently in the market for a spinnaker for my E 35-2. I need to know what dimensions am I looking for. If any of you have an old one you would like to turn into money or can point me in the right direction please reply. I am in Victoria, B.C. Thanks, Captain Crunch
  10. D

    1979 Ericson 35-2 For Sale

    For Sale: Price rreduced to $22,500. Located in Richmond CA. 1979 Ericson 35-2. 23HP, 2 cylinder Volvo. Club-footed jib. Wind Direction and speed, Handheld Garmin GPS with color chart, VHF, Handheld VHF, Depth Sounder. Mast stripped, painted and rewired in 2003. New stainless standing rigging...
  11. exoduse35

    Wanted mainsail for a 35-2

    looking for a good used mainsail, If you have one extra let me know exoduse35@yahoo.com thanks Edd
  12. Captnemo8

    35-2 Hot water tank info?

    Good morning all: I'm presently in the process of purchasing a 1972 35-2. So far the only real problem the surveyor has come across is a leaky hot water tank which he believes to be aluminum? Has anyone out there dealt with this issue? Or have any idea's where I might find some info??? Thanks...
  13. E

    Ericson 35-2 Lower Spreader Replacement

    Inspection of the lower spreaders on my 1977 Ericson 35-2 has revealed some wear/deformation at inner end of the aluminium tappered spreader (that bolts onto protruding mounting hub welded to spar). Has anyone else experienced this problem and can recommend a suggested repair or better yet can...
  14. boethius27

    35-2 main needed

    Hi everyone. Our boat came with a couple of used mainsails off of unknown boats. Neither of them fit well and Jenny and I are trying to find a proper fitting one. We don't quite have the cash to run out and grab a new one, though we may be pressed to do so by next summer. In the meantime...
  15. C

    1971 Ericson 35-2 For Sale - Project Boat - $7k

    Warbonnet is for sale... She has a storied past and a bright future if the right person looking for a project boat comes along. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1971/Ericson-Sloop-2085703/Scituate/MA/United-States I lack the skills and patience to redo her myself, and instead opted to...
  16. boethius27

    New battery bank on a 35-2

    Currently our 35-2 only has 2 dual purpose batteries, located under the quarterberth. These are barely enough to get us through a weekend at the islands. Or at the least, I don't feel safe using just these two for anything much longer than that. I've come across a good deal on 4 Trojan 6...
  17. Captain Crunch

    Spinnaker or drifter for 35-2

    Im looking for a used sail resource in the Vancouver/Victoria BC area. I would like to get a spin or a drifter. Any suggestions?
  18. R

    Ericson 35-2 Polar Diagrams . . .

    Anyone have these? I have gotten into racing pretty seriously over the last few years and I figure it would be nice to have these for my boat. I'd be willing to pay a reasonable fee (less than the US Sailing charge!) for these to help defray your former cost! rolf
  19. Captain Crunch

    Mast Rake E 35-2

    What should the mast rake be on my E 35-2? I believe it is measured by plumb bobbing down from the top of the mast to the deck and measuring from the base of the mast to the plumb bob.
  20. J

    35-2 folks

    I'm finally going to drop my mast and try to paint it to resemble the job that was done for Cordelia. Where are the connectors for the wires in the mast??? What type of connectors are they? Does the collar need to be replaced? If so are replacements available? Would it help to Liquid...