1. N

    No bilge pump?

    I found another oddity with my 36C ('78). I can't seem to find the bilge pump. I see no obvious plumbing to indicate there was one ever installed. I even had a local marine mechanic look around. He couldn't find it either. I find it odd. If it is there, it is not working and very...
  2. N

    Ericson 36C owners, I need some pictures.

    Hello EYO. I am looking for some guidance on a couple of projects. Sadly, the boat is about an hour away and I don’t currently have good pictures to share. First, could you send me or post some pictures of your battery compartment. How are the batteries mounted and where? Mine are mounted far...
  3. 36C Hull 53

    Ericson 36C Portlights

    Hello EYO, I recently purchased Ericson 36C Hull #53. Apparently she is not alone with the problem of leaking portlights. I could really use some advice. It looks like whatever was originally there from the factory was replaced at some point. Currently the portlights look to be covered with...
  4. W

    Cruising 36 (36C) For Sale in Wisconsin

    I have made the decision to put my lovely 36C Wanderlust on the market. A listing can be found here: https://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/81202 The boat is in solid shape and has been well cared for. As far as I know I'm the 3rd owner, and it's always been a fresh water boat. Let me know...
  5. J

    36C Mast step

    Has anybody replaced the Mast step on the 36C, or others if the same. We have a steel I beam that the mast sets on, about 6 inch tall that must be set on top of the keel and then glassed in. Why did they use steel, was the mast rig too short by 6 inches,... Thanks in advance Jon Libby :egrin:
  6. W

    Tanks on 36C

    Now that the weather has warmed up, we've finally begun to clean out the 36C we purchased last fall. Unfortunately the previous owner used the boat as a giant garbage can, and we were unable to see everything up until now. After filling a dumpster, we started opening cabinets, and storage...
  7. N

    Considering buying a 36c, please help.

    I am looking at purchasing an Ericson 36c. I am mostly interested in long distance cruising and Bluewater passages. I need a boat that can cruise the Caribbean, and possibly cross oceans, safely. I'm not looking for anything that is super fast, nor do I have much desire to race. It looks like a...
  8. D

    Considering bid to save impounded E-36C - Need experienced advice ASAP

    Aloha, I need some help deciding to bid on a E-36C this week(last week May, 2014), although answers will help me and others later than that. Background: I just started looking for a comfortable 30-38 footer able to sail inter-island in Hawaiian waters, and perhaps beyond. I came across...
  9. B

    Ericson 36C Issues

    Hi everyone. There is an Ericson 36C going to auction due to non payment of slip fees. The inspection period will be short I am sure. Currently I can only see it from outside the slip gate. Any ideas on issues I should specifically look for in the inspection? Thanks
  10. W

    36C Hatch Riser Arms

    Hello All, The hatch riser arms on my 1978 36C won't hold the hatches open any longer. I'm looking to repair (preferably) or replace the risers. Does anyone have information on who made the originals? Any source or recommendations on replacements? Thanks, Joe
  11. F

    1976 Ericson 36-C

    Hull #6. Completely rebuilt over last four years by me. Not an original wire, or hose left in her. Westerbeke installed last year, 270 watt solar array on stainless arch, Wilcox Crittenden Skipper head, Norcold reefer, Aries Mark V wind vane, Egur Manual windlass, Rocna 44lb., Fortress FX-37, Uk...
  12. Mark F

    unfinished Ericson 36C hull

    I had a camera with me when I drove through Moss Landing CA today so I took some photos. This is an Ericson 36c that has been sitting unfinished for many many years I'm told.
  13. S

    E36C Rudder

    Hi Ya Gang, Upon haul for what we thought to be a quick bottom job has turned into a bit more of a project. Seems the rudder is oozing water and will need some repairs. :esad: Can anyone offer any tips along the lines of core composition, how you went about this project, easiest way to...
  14. Brass Dragon

    Any idea how many E31s and 36Cs in the NW?

    I would still like to get an idea how many 36Cs are around, especially in Puget Sound and now intrigued with the E31s also. How big a group is that? There werent that many made to begin with. I just completed a trip up to San Juans and Gulf Islands on Brass Dragon (36C). To my surprise, I saw...
  15. Brass Dragon

    propane locker for 36C

    I must put in a propane locker on my 36C. The bottles are currently in the starboard cockpit coming locker which is not proper nor legal as is. My plan is to section off and seal the forward section of the coming locker and cut an access hatch down through the side deck, then vent overboard...
  16. erikwfab

    Ericson 36C Desired,- I think?

    I am looking for an E 36C on the West Coast and better yet CA. For some reason I am drawn to this boat because of her more traditional looks, high bow, large cockpit, and flush deck. I am concerned with interior room though. Having never sailed one it is a bit naieve of me to narrow my choice...
  17. M

    Ericson 36C featured in Lats & Atts

    Check out the new issue of Latitudes & Attitudes magazine for the feature article on a very unique 36C. Lots of nice pics and a good article.
  18. C

    Ericson 36C for sale in Florida-$28,000

    Just can't find time to use boat,the hull, rigging, sails are in good to excellent shape. 27hp Westerbeke runs strong. Boat needs a little attention, needs new shorepower, head has been removed and ready for install of new one with holding tank. DC- have new panel needs install, old one works...
  19. J

    new panels on 36c

    Well the boat is on it's way back together. Here is a photo of my new nav station veiwed from the hatch above it. I built a frame out about 3 inches to surface mount all panels. Funny thing about that port, not all ports on this boat are in the same location, some are more centered which would...
  20. F

    36C Re-power?

    Well we made it to Wetsbroork, CT before the 1986 BUKH 24 ME began to devellop quarts of water in her crankcase over very short running periods(20 min). After a new water pump ($430)and a failed head gasket proved both to be "not it". We hauled "Frankie" ($700) and trucked her ($1500)home to...
  21. J

    calling all 36C

    As proud new owners of our 36C #14 Kasidah, we look upon the following of Independence 31 owners with admiration. Their web site http://e31.no-ip.com/index.asp has a photo of every hull # and I’m sure a history of who the previous owners were. We even know that only one 31 had an Atomic 4 from...
  22. B

    Ericson 36C Cutless Bearing

    We are replacing the propeller strut on an Ericson 36C, which also means a new cutless bearing. The bearing we purchased has a clearance of several thousands of an inch (haven't actually measured it) to the propeller shaft. Shouldn't there be zero clearance? Shouldn't it be an interference...
  23. B

    Ericson 36C 'Blue Jeans' Mast Corrosion

    The mast from 'Blue Jeans' has corrosion on the bottom. I am considering cutting about 1/4" to 3/8" off to remove it completely. Is this a reasonable fix? What will that do to the mast rigging? Bob McKee 'Blue Jeans" Seattle, WA
  24. S

    cuttlass bearing and strut repaired 36c cont

    We rigged up a line thst went oner the stbd cap rail from the port sheet winch to the strut .Then we set up the hooka rig. I went over the side with a 4lb hammer and as my wife kept the line tight I spent the next 2hrs hitting the strut thats a tuff job underwater. We were able to get about half...
  25. S

    cutless bearing and strut repaired 36c

    What ever you do, do not run over the floats of a fishtrap in Pureto Rico in the middle of the night. We did. At about 2300hrs we on our way off shore from the s/e end of Pureto rico headed for Sun Bay in Visquez (Spanish Virgins) motorsailing into 12kt winds 4-5 swell all on thr nose (noserly)...
  26. S

    Cutlass bearing 36c and strut

    I'm in the yard in Venezuela. We hit a fish trap in PR bent the strut real bad but the shaft shark cut it off. I was able to some what bend it back but not far enough after 2hrs of underwater hammering with a 4lb hammer and a hooka rig. It got us this far.Got the shaft out, it's bent and...
  27. B

    Ericson 36C "Blue Jeans"

    A friend and I recently purchased an Ericson 36C, "Blue Jeans", in the Seattle area. The mast and boom paint are oxidized yellow. What is the original color name and manufacturer? I am also looking for any wiring, plumbing, etc. diagrams for this model. FYI For gel coat color matching...
  28. B

    Ericson 36C Wiring Diagrams

    Does anyone have wiring diagrams for the Ericson 36C? There aren't any posted in the Specs & Documents part of this forum. I"m restoring a 36C that was sunk and needs a complete wiring replacement....among many other things. Any other diagrams would be appreciated also.
  29. R

    Looking for a 36C

    I am looking to purchase a clean 36C sloop/cutter in the mid-Atlantic, Florida or Gulf Coast areas. Anyone have one for sale? I look at other boats and can't find anything to make me happy - always come back to the Ericson. I've been dreaming about the 36C I looked at last year and that's...
  30. B

    Prop Shaft Strut Source/Replacement: Ericson 36C

    I am buying an Ericson 36C with a broken propeller shaft strut. Does anyone know where a strut is available or who can make one? Also, how is it attached? How much fiberglass needs to be dug out to get to the base?
  31. K

    Help Designing a Cradle for a 36C

    I had a winter storage cradle made for my Ericson 36C. After hauling the boat, we found that it would not fit on the cradle. I have some blueprints that show the boat from the top (i.e. looking down from the mast), and the side. However, I do not have a drawing showing a bow or stern view...
  32. J

    Ericson 36C

    Well all, After years of sailing our Ericson 27 - Agapee and working on it, we're mov'in on up. Our offer on a 36C was excepted. We looked at a 38 and loved it but saw a 36C on the hard and loved that too. The little lady liked the looks of the 36C and it older looking lines alone with...
  33. I

    Rudder swing on Ericson 36C

    The outboard rudder on my boat has some looseness in it that makes a heavy\dull noise when a wave hits it at anchor. It seems that the pintle that is on the foot of the rudder that sits inside the solid cast bronze shoe (gruntle) of the boat is moving around a little. The way the systerm is...
  34. T

    The Custom 36C in Boston is available!!

    OUr deal on the Boston 36C fell through so it is on the market again if anyone wants to contact Ron Houseman at ron@rhcustomdesign.com Turns out is is very custom and has the most incredible wood; however it also has a traditional style triangle shaped v berth not the 2 single beds style...
  35. T

    holding tank on 36C

    does anyone complain about the small holding tank on the 36C? Has anyone replaced it (20 gallons I think) and if so with which size, style and make of tank? Much appreciated.
  36. T

    Anyone want to trade their 36C towards a Formosa Yankee Clipper 41?

    I am considering a 36C but also need to sell my Formosa 41 Yankee Clipper which I have just advertized on Yachtworld. If there are any 36C owners wishing to go up in size and love the old traditional style such as the Formosa, this Formosa is in awesome condition with new motor, etc. Canadian...
  37. T

    Is there a 36C in Toronto Ontario?

    I am interested in the 36C and wonder if there are any boats situated in the Toronto Ontario region so that I could visit one?
  38. N

    Ericson 36C experiences?

    Hi folks, I've been browsing some of the Ericson docs, and I'd have to say my favorite of the moment is the Cruising 36. Our sailing aspirations are more of the Voyaging ilk than the club-racing variety, so a well-built, sea-kindly, and livable boat is our design brief. It's clever how the...
  39. I

    Ericson 36C and Volvo Penta diesels

    I have an Ericson 36C that I am having a great time cruising with but I am having some major engine issues. Presently I have a Volvo Penta 2003 series diesel engine from 1986 and I think I made need to replace her as I think I may have to stop throwing good money after bad. My question: What...
  40. R

    Wanted 36C

    Still looking for a 36C I am still looking for a clean Ericson 36C. Anyone know of one for sale on the East or Gulf coasts? Anxious to get "out there" again. I pay cash. Roy
  41. I

    Sail sizes for Ericson 36C

    Does anyone have the I J P E sizes for a standard rigged 36C?
  42. O

    E 36C Refrigeration

    We're looking for some advice on refrigeration units for converting over our ice box. Has anyone tried Technautics Coolblue? We want to use a DC unit. But not sure where to start, any advice would appreciated.