1. L

    Re-powering E27: replacing Atomic 4 with Yanmar YSB8

    Hello All My Atomic 4 seized and was recently taken out of 73 E27. I have a Yanmar one cylinder YSB8 diesel in good condition complete with transmission, exhaust, gauges, controls, etc. It was taken out of Hunter 27 years ago. The engine is in good shape and runs well. I am thinking of using it...
  2. F

    Atomic 4 water pump

    OK, now I have myself worried. I came here to see if I could find out information on finding an O-ring replacement for the water pump cover plate and have been seeing threads about the impeller shaft removal. As it turns out the shaft came out on me when I replaced the impeller. I had no idea...
  3. B

    atomic 4 to m15/4511 swap

    Any body know if a universal m15/4511 will fit into a ericson 27. It has a atomic 4 in there now. And will shaft size or prop be a problem. Thanks!
  4. I

    1974 Atomic 4 - 30 For Sale

    1974 Atomic 4 with direct drive transmission (reversing gear) pulled from an Ericson 35 in September in good running order. Have panel, 70 amp alternator, electric fuel pump etc. Engine not cleaned up but stored indoors. Located at Canoe Cove Marina in Sidney, BC. Asking $500 OBO. David...
  5. P

    SoCal Atomic 4 rebuild

    I have two opinions that leakage around one or more intake valve guides is causing the white smoke and filmy sheen coming out my exhaust and that I'll need a rebuild. While I'd like to go with Moyer, the shipping costs are hefty. There's a guy named Terry Brown in Huntington Beach who sells...
  6. H

    atomic 4 parts

    Hi Anyone know of a list of compatable parts for the A-4. Specificly looking for an exhaust flange gasket. I know Moyer Marine will sell me one for $3.00 but then the shipping cost is $12.00. I feel there must be a part out in the auto parts world that will fit and I can run down to...
  7. M

    No Forward with Atomic 4

    Sigh. My Atomic 4 (1984) is giving me a very curious problem. The engine stalls in forward. When it's cold it will run in forward for about a minute and then gradually depower and stall. When it's hot it stalls immediately. The motor runs fine in Neutral and in reverse. The problem...
  8. J

    Atomic 4 fuel consumption?

    A friend of mine has just become the new owner of a 1975 E-35 (Mk 1? Mk 11?) His name is Tony. He has not joined here yet (not a big computer/internet guy) but I am trying to get him joined up here as it is a fantastic resource, especially for a new owner. I went over to check the boat out...
  9. D

    Battery Switch E29 Atomic 4

    1. Can anyone verify whether or not you can switch batteries while the engine is running? I have a placard on my recently acquired boat that states "do not change batteries while engine is running". On a previous boat I used to start the engine with battery #1 and then switch to "both" so that...
  10. chtaylor

    San Diego Atomic 4 Mechanic?

    Does anyone know of a reasonable Atomic 4 mechanic in the San Diego Bay area? I've gotten tired of working on this engine more than sailing the boat. The last mechanic I contacted wants $90.00 per hour to change valve springs. Is that a reasonable rate? Thanks, Charles
  11. bigd14

    Atomic 4 Motor For Sale

    1972 Atomic 4 motor for sale out of my E27. When i hauled out one year ago, the motor was running great. It will need various bits of wiring and whatnot. Engine hour meter reads 993. I can deliver within 50 miles of Portland, OR, or can work out some kind of freight shipping. Send me a...
  12. S

    2 Atomic 4 engines for sale in Seattle

    Two late-model Atomic 4 sailboat engines for sale. Would be good candidates for rebuilds, or use for spare parts. One was running well but overheating when I removed it from my boat recently. $500 each, or $900 for both... Jeff
  13. S

    Atomic 4 with no reverse

    Hi all! I am a new E-29 owner with a nice, but old Atomic 4. Works great, starts great, hums along, but... When I shift into forward with the clutch, I get a satisfying, lite "thump" but when I do the same in reverse, I get no such sound from the clutch. I checked my cables, all seems...
  14. D

    Length of Gear Shift Cable for an atomic 4

    I own a 35-2; 1973; #288, and need to know the length of the transmission shift cable. I know it is a 4300 series cable, but do not know the length. Also is the secondary attachment end of the main body cable the same, or is one end different? I live in Angel Fire, New Mexico but my boat is in...
  15. C

    Draining the Atomic 4

    Well, the season has come to an end. This is my first year with the Ericson 29 and the Atomic 4 engine. Following the instructions for winter prep I started to drain the engine. I was able to get at 2 of the drain plugs but the 3rd one appears to be under the generator and without removing a lot...
  16. J

    Atomic four Prop

    the bronze prop is appx 12" a (sailor)double blade,from my old Atomic 4, righthanded turn was on 3/4" shaft- is available cheap.
  17. M

    E29 Atomic 4 Replacement

    I spend way too much time keeping the bomb running. Has anyone replaced the A4 with a diesel in a E29? If so, what engine fits in the tiny engine compartment? Thanks in advance Matt
  18. C

    Atomic 4 mechanic

    Anyone know of a good gas engine mechanic for the Atomic 4? Tacoma or Seattle area.
  19. J

    Rebuild of Atomic 4 and Dripless Packing

    As I mentioned in a different thread, I rebuilt an Atomic 4 (which I found fairly inexpensive, and it had freshwater cooling) and replaced the A4 that came in the boat. I should have taken more pictures along the way, but greasy hands dissuaded me from picking up the camera too often. When...
  20. T

    E-27 / Atomic 4 Engine Control Panel

    On my new (to me) 1976 E-27 no longer has readable labels (faded teak / no remaining paint). There is a ammeter, temp gauge, ignition keyhole, starter button, and choke - got those figured out, but there is also a toggle switch. Any ideas as to what that is, before I go tracing / reading out...