1. S

    New Owner E-28 Mission Bay San Diego

    Hi! After trolling this board for a year or so, I made the move to Ericson land by purchasing a "new to me" 1986 E28. We sailed it down to Mission Bay from Oceanside on Wednesday. I had some trouble with the tabernacle rig. All the pieces weren't there. I finally got that squared away...
  2. J

    e29 Tampa Bay

    Hello. Here are a few photos of our e29. My father and I picked her up in December. So far, she's been great...plenty of projects to keep us busy. I'll detail some of those here in due time. fair winds, Jamin
  3. Mark F

    E-30 : craigslist sf bay

    Just saw this and thought I'd post it here;
  4. W

    71'E29 for sale 9,000 obo in Ches. Bay

    71'E29 for sale 6,700 obo in Ches. Bay Will send photos. A4 runs. T&H floor. St. Jib/genny/spinn/rlr furlr/ self tailng primary/ Wheel/nice cushions/speed,depth
  5. S

    Cheap dry dock in SF Bay (preferably Sausalito/San Rafael)

    Hi all, I'm looking for an inexpensive loacation to have my boat hauled and dry docked in the SF Bay area. I prefer a location near Tiburon, like Sausalito or San Rafael, but will consider SF and East Bay as well. I would also consider a slip if the price was very good. Anyone have any...
  6. A

    E29 for sale in SF Bay

    I'm selling my E29 because I need to get a smaller boat. It's in great condition and is ready to sail tomorrow. Willing to let her go for $9000 even though the ad says $9250. Please get in touch if interested. thanks, -Bobby
  7. Earwax

    Lower Ches Bay 1972 E29 craigslist

    Found this on craig's list...don't know if it's from someone on these discussion forums.
  8. Walt Lawrence

    SF bay 30' 69 ericson 2K craigs list

    So this just came up on the list... Might be a real deal....:egrin: Fair seas, Walt Lawrence s/v sarayu E-39
  9. D

    Walker Bay help

    I just bought an 8 ft walker bay with a sail kit that I don't completely get. 2005 model with a sail that looks like a gaff rig. no boom and I need to know how to rig the main sheet. Anybody have one of these that can help? Don Wiggle Room Pt. Richmond, CA
  10. Guy Stevens

    Bay Area Ericson Rendezvous

    Ok, after seeing 10 plus Ericsons on the Bay and in the Oakland estuary this weekend, I think that it is time that we had a rendezvous late this summer or this fall. What would people like a anchor out, or a marina style rendezvous? When would people like it? Once we get some ideas...
  11. Guy Stevens

    There were a lot of Ericsons on the Bay Yesterday

    I think I counted over 10 and I was not looking that hard.... Anyone interested in having a rendezvous somewhere in the late summer, or early fall. Aiki made it off the dock after 16 months of work yesterday.... Everything went beyond wonderful! Exceed all expectations on the new...
  12. toddbrsd

    E38 ? in Alamitos Bay Marina

    To the owner of this boat. Took these while heading back in today. They are a little distant, but hope you enjoy them anyway. Beautiful boat BTW. I can email the full size files to you if you would like. You may be able to zoom in a little more.
  13. Shadowfax

    For All You Upper Cheseapeke Bay Types

    I really want to be there the first time they try to pull into St. Michaels, let alone Chestertown.
  14. Randy Rutledge

    Mobile bay D I R

    Dauphin Island race is 4-24 at Mobile Bay hosted by Buccaneer Yacht Club, Are any of the other Ericson owners going to attend? I will be tailoring my E29 for the 700 mile round trip for the third year. Lots of fun and a great race event to be part of. Photos are from 2009 race.
  15. ChrisS

    DIY Yards in Central Bay

    I'm looking to haul the week following next during my spring vacation to paint the bottom, buff/wax the hull, and do a few other things while the boat is on the hard. The bottom is over two years old and I can't keep the beard at bay. However, I totally miscalculated the yard availability...
  16. Loren Beach

    E-23-2 on E Bay Price is quite low with a couple days to go... No other info, just noticed this while surfing the web. LB
  17. Vincent

    Commodore's cup at CPYC SF Bay

    I haven’t been racing my 28+ much but this last weekend entered the clubs commodore’s cup. I arrived late no crew no time to clean the bottom or take off the cursing stuff. ( the Inflatable, engine on the stern, extra fenders and other things.) I had also signed up for the spin division. The...
  18. S

    Looking for an E34 or E35-3 in SF Bay Area

    If you have an 80's 34 or 35mk3 and you are interested in selling, drop me a line! Regards, Peter
  19. C

    SF Bay 08/02

    Who was that other E-38 on SF Bay Sunday behind Angle Island around 2p? Jay E 38-200 SF Bay
  20. M

    Looking for a sail - SF Bay

    I'm traveling to San Francisco for the June 27-28th weekend. I was hoping to try and hook up with an Ericson owner for a sail on the bay. I have an E35Mk2 that I sail and race on Lake Ontario - mostly single-handed. I'd love to sail in the waters of this beautiful boats birthplace. Is it too...