1. U

    E38 interior rehab, big job!!!

    Pics will be forthcoming, also a link to my personal site. My name is Frank (you may have guessed) & I'm a woodworker w/ a fair amount of professional experience in a variety of disciplines. This project represents my first major foray into boat carpenter-ing, a new & exciting challenge...
  2. Sven

    When a significant spill isn't that big a deal ?

    Our stay at Dana Point Harbor on Saturday night was very strange :confused: We were in the guest slips, very nice and convenient. It took us a while to see where the slip numbers were posted (at the head of each slip, hidden by the boats in the slips) but once we found it we pulled in for...
  3. Sven

    Big swells

    This link was posted on a list I subscribe to and the pictures are pretty spectacular so I thought I'd share: -Sven
  4. The Creamy Pint

    how big of a 4-stroke do I need?

    For my cheeky little E26? Paper says it displaces over 5000 lbs, but when it was weighed to see if the yard could use the smaller crane for it, it weighed around 4400. thanks in advance ! p.s. entire cabin has been repainted, wood striped inside and out and 4 new coats of varnish...
  5. M

    Big Dog - Dogs on Board

    Hey all, I'm about to take the plunge! A 1975 E27! My wife would really like to bring our Newfoundland (dog) along for sails in the future Does anyone have a good way of getting a 90lb. dog back aboard after a swim? Also, as the companion way has fairly steep steps, I'm thinking I...
  6. S

    A Big Ericson Thank You

    I would like to post a HUGE thank you to Kevin O'Neil in Texas for taking my girlfriend and I out onto to Galveston Bay this past Sunday. After a soggy Saturday the clouds moved out and provided sunny skies and warm weather. We had an AWESOME time sailing out onto the bay. Even though the wind...
  7. C

    What is That Big Ball?

    hi everyone, i was looking at a pic of one of the ericsons docked . the anchor line apparently had a large basket ball floating in water near the boat....what is it for,,,sorry i've only been in this for 6 months,,,but i have learned a lot from all of appears to be part of the...
  8. R

    Honda generator, how big?

    Hello All, I borrowed a Honda "suitcase" style generator from another sailboater this afternoon to charge up my batteries. It was a 2000watt unit, pretty light, compact and extremely quiet. I was very impressed. I plugged it into my shore power hookup and ran the battery charger (Xantrex...
  9. E

    Fun stuff on big diesels and boats

    Stumbled across this, and as I read on, felt it was worth sharing. It is not obvious at first, but this is boat related. Cool stuff if you're a gear head :cool: -David Independence 31 Emerald
  10. 1973E29 TUG

    Big Fish Story on an E29

    I ran across this story of these two young guys circumnavigating the globe in an Ericson 29 (Lets hope the sea gods continue to shine on them) Check out their website Check out this sailfish they landed
  11. Loren Beach

    Big ST Winches at auction

    "Honkin' Big" ST Winches at auction I was looking around eBay this evening and found this pair of big two-speed Lewmar self tailers. This auction ends March 6. These would be...