1. C

    WANTED: Bimini and cockpit cushions '78 E27

    Hey guys! I am looking for a Bimini/dodger and some cushions for my cockpit. If it can fit a 1978 E27 that would be great. I am located near Marina Del Rey, LA, CA Im tired of sitting in the sun all day. Thanks!
  2. S

    E25 Dodger specifications?

    I would like to have dimensional information so I can get a dodger for my E25. The stick is down and I would like to know the boom height off the cockpit floor (and above the hatch). Does anyone have a dodger they could send pictures of and the dimensions?
  3. C

    Does anyone have a full canvas enclosure on an E29?

    I've recently began developing a new skill. I have bought a walking foot sewing machine and built a Bimini top with help from Sailrite's excellent building a Bimini DVD and it was so much fun I don't want to stop there. I would like to go all the way with a full enclosure and am wondering if...
  4. M

    Dodger/bimini canvas and AC/DC panels for 381

    Anyone interested? Updated with Blue Sea electronics and have a different bimini. The dodger needs some work, glass is in o-k condition, small triangular piece missing. Bimini in equal shape, needs minimal stitching if any. If you want more pictures, send me a PM. Best offer by Thursday gets...
  5. S

    E28 Binimi

    Hi, new to the list. I have a 28 Ericson in Sandusky Ohio and am in the need of a Bimini. Ithought I would check to see if anyone else has purchased a Bimini here or has suggestions for one for this boat. I've looked at the big box sporting goods stores and the price is tempting compared to the...
  6. A

    E-25 cb bimini?

    Has anyone put a bimini on there e-25? If so how did you do it and do you have any pictures?
  7. O

    Bimini top suggestions and dimensions for an E 27

    I'm thinking about installing a bimini top on my 27. Any suggestions on brand and dimensions?
  8. M

    Bimini for e35-2

    Anyone selling a Bimini for a E35-2? Anyone know of some who is or manufactures them?
  9. D

    80% re-make of E 35 MkII in Hawaii

    Aloha all, just thought I'd post some pics of my re-make of my 1973 E35-II. I bought the boat for $9000 in March 2009 and worked on her for an average of 4 hours/day for almost a year to get her into her present condition. One of the main things I did to make her user-friendly in Hawaii is to...
  10. P

    E-29 Bimini set up

    Anybody got any pictures of an E-29 with a good bimini setup? I got terrible sunburn last weekend! Thanks!
  11. F

    Bimini on E23-II

    Anyone have any suggestions for adding a bimini to a 23? We would really like some relief from the Florida sun. Run the backstay through a hole in the canvas? We're in the thinking stage. Fred Nelson Ericson 23-II #344 :egrin: Ad Astra
  12. D

    Moving E-35 traveler forward

    Aloha, I have a '79 E-35 that I want to move the traveler to over the cabin (for several reasons, the main one is to allow a full bimini for the cockpit). If you have done this or know anyone who has done it I would like to know how successful it has been (i.e. is hauling the main to...
  13. B

    Need pictures of bimini on an E39 flush deck

    I have a 4-bow bimini frame looking to go on an E39. Problem is the huge cockpit. Canvas guy says to cover the cockpit would make the boat look like a covered wagon, and would require a 5th bow. To all the E39 owners (or previous owners): Can you share any photos of your boat with your...
  14. CaptDan

    E35II Bimini

    I'm thinking of adding a bimini this season - to shade our noggins from all that intense Pacific Northwest Sunshine:rolleyes: Have any E35-2 owners with stock mainsheet/traveler/boom arrangement successfully installed a bimini? If so, how large a bimini did you manage? Any installation...
  15. C

    Bimini Frame For Ericson 35-2

    I am looking for a bimini frame for our Ericson 35-2. I don't care if it has the canvas or not, or color of canvas if it has one. I can have a canvas made once I get the frame installed. Thanks, any lead would be helpful! cduer on WindShadow in cold Ohio:egrin:
  16. C

    Bimini For Ericson 35-2

    Has anyone built or had made a helmsman bimini for an ER 35-2. We sail on Lake Erie and believe it or not, there are many hot,sunny days when a little shade would come in handy. I'm fairly handy with buiding projects and know a good seamstress if there are plans out there somewhere. Or if...
  17. B

    Need help with modifications tankage windlass refrigeration and bimini

    I expect to complete the purchase of Windfall, a 1990 38-200 over the next week or so and bring it home from Rhode Island to St. Croix. The boat is wonderfully equipped but needs modifications in several areas to accommodate its new Caribbean home and some owner needs. I hope some of you can...
  18. B

    E35-2 Bimini

    Looking for a bimini for my E35. I am located in So. Cal. Bomr
  19. B

    Bimini for E35-2

    I am interested in adding some canvas to my newly acquired 1973 E35-2. The boat has a dodger that needs to be redone, but I need something to provide a little shade while I am at the helm. I am having trouble figuring out a good bimini setup with the position of the traveler at the rear of the...
  20. M

    Bimini wanted (long shot...) for E27

    If anyone here doesn't use there Bimini much, and would rather have cash in hand, let me know! My poor wife has had localized skin cancer, so I've got to keep her out of the sun (but in the fun;-) -Marcus