1. J

    Ericson Document Ericson drawings pg 2,4 1

    blueprints from E39 . I still have the originals if you have any questions.
  2. S

    seeking blueprints for ericson 33 to share with model maker

    i owned an ericson 33 in the late 80's to the mid 90's. i'm currently documenting the boats that have passed through our family by having half-hull models made of each. the model maker has requested a copy of the plans for the ericson 33 so he can build the most accurate half-hull possible...
  3. CSMcKillip

    Ericson 33 blueprints found

    So, I was everywhere on the boat last weekend and came across the blielines for the 33 designed by Ron Holland. I am attaching a low resolution copy as the scans are from a 30x40. If someone emails me the FTP address and login I will place the high res. 12 Meg files for download. I did check...