1. C

    Living onboard, traveling, working abroad

    Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well! Ill cut right to the chase - not really loving my consumer lifestyle. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Looking to change a couple things up in my life and wanted to hear some stories of how others did it. Right now, I am thinking of sailing to Mexico and do some...
  2. C

    WANTED - E27-E32 any year - SOCAL Area

    Hey guys! Looking for an Ericson 27ft to 32ft (1970s-1990s) sailboat in okay condition. I would love to find a boat that has a running engine, solid hull, and dry bilge. I don't mind fixing cosmetic issues. I am a young sailor looking to get my first boat. I have chartered for the past season...
  3. J

    Boat History, looking for your help

    Hi Everyone, My wife and I purchased Spirit, a 1983 E35-III in the fall. We havent even sailed her yet but are very excited as we get ready to launch tomorrow. I have been doing some fairly extensive work over the last few months to get her ready. Some of the work is described in other...
  4. adam

    Best driver for a boat

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a good driver, or impact driver, for putting in screws, bolts, and especially removing those annoying stuck screws. I guess that an impact driver will be much better at keeping the bit in the screw head, but has the disadvantage that'll use too much torque and...
  5. H

    Boat stands.

    I have some boat stands I need to sell. 4 side stands, 1 bow stand. I last used them on my previous boat, E 30+. I do not need them any more, make me an offer, I am in Seattle, south end. Harold
  6. I

    Boat finally named!!!

    My fully restored E-29. Still need to varnish the wood, but otherwise looking good....
  7. Jeff Asbury

    Boat capsizes in San Diego, killing two and injuring seven.

    Boat capsizes in San Diego, killing two and injuring seven. I can see no keel on this boat. (swing keel?) I think the first problem is Nine People on a 25' boat. :confused: I would never sail with that many onboard my 27'...
  8. E

    Boat Painting

    I'm planing on paint the deck house and decks of our E-38 with Imeron. Anyone out there have a recommendation for marinas in the Balto/Annapolis area?
  9. D

    Saltwater boat blisters when moved to freshwater

    In a previous thread, there was discussion that when a saltwater boat is moved to fresh water, Tim Reilley said that osmotic blisters can appear and you will not find them for a while. I'm looking at a saltwater boat (being...
  10. C

    Sold the boat

    Yep, we sold Peregryn awhile back. I've told the new owner about this site and hope he'll sign up. Sandy and I will be out of sailing for while due to new duties involving parent care. There will be a time that we'll get back into sailing with a "retirement boat" Fair winds and full sails...
  11. Jeff Asbury

    Part artwork, part boat... literally!

    Part artwork, part boat... literally! See the rest here:
  12. mherrcat

    Just discovered my boat is/was documented.

    I just discovered that my boat is (or was) a CG Documented Vessel; at least it comes up in a name search on this site: The boat was registered with the California DMV when I bought it and I never knew it was documented...
  13. Loren Beach

    Boat Size -- how much is enough

    In an earlier thread we talked about how so few boats get really taken out and used. Today I found a current thread on another large sailing site concerning sailboat sizing and use. Referenced here...
  14. W

    Boat Naming Contest

    Here is my story: My 12 y/o son managed to find an Atomic 4 for $1.00 on Craigslist. Funny thing is that it was bolted to a FREE Ericson 32-2! Wow! I had to support the kid on that one - so here we are! The trailer/crane/steel to get the whole load home has already cost me (dad) almost...
  15. drcam1

    saltwater vs. freshwater boat

    I am interested in finding a 35-3, but all the ones for sale seem to be in saltwater. I will be sailing in Lake Erie. The freshwater boats for sale make a BIG deal about being freshwater only boats. What do I need to do or watch out for with a boat that is currently in salt water?
  16. E

    E36RH - IOR boat for racing and cruising?

    The E36RH makes no pretenses about being an IOR design. My question is... does this particular IOR boat exhibit 'extreme' stereotype bad IOR sailing characteristics? I'm looking for a racer/cruiser to first use on the Great Lakes (incl e.g. Chicago-Mac), but then migrate to offshore racing...
  17. R

    Are you sitting down? Your boat sank last night

    I was not sitting down, but I did shortly thereafter. Seems my fresh water hose from the city had been left on, and the end of the hose failed. The result was the cabin top under 3 feet of water. It was noticed about 7 a.m. and was resurfaced by 11 a.m. Everything electrical is pretty much...
  18. J

    replacement depth, boat speed and wind speed instruments

    Hi all You may have read my earlier post about my E-28 getting hit by lightning. :esad:SHort story is I had Signet instruments on the boat from the PO and I made the decision to stay with SIgnet because I supposedly could re-use some of the wiring from the depth transducer and paddlewheel and...
  19. T

    Moving the boat from Dana to Shoreline myself

    Due to the weather last weekend we push off moving the boat to Shoreline until this weekend. So this is the weekend (yeah, I know I've been saying that for months now :egrin:). I was going to get up and out of the slip by 5 AM and just motor up. Any issues with doing that solo you think?
  20. Sven

    If Martin's boat had davits ...

    This is what I'd expect them to look like From: -Sven