1. adam

    E35-2 Extending galley behind bulkhead

    I'm extended by galley behind the bulkhead and wouldn't mind some advice. When I bought the boat, there was a sheet of plywood covering the hole shown in the photo and a new electrical panel mounted in it, which has now moved adjacent to the chart table. I wonder if the original electrical...
  2. M

    Compression Post and bulkhead troubles

    This is a photo of the base of my 1970 E-32-200 compression post taken from the head area looking aft. The plywood at the bulkhead is mush. The problem is, that this is below the area of the bulkhead that I was planning on keeping. The compression post is wet, but not mush. I think a little...
  3. M

    Need help rebuilding the Bulkhead on an E35-2 (suggestions on who can do this?)

    I'm about to embark on rebuilding the bulkhead on my 77 E35-2. Would love a suggestion of a qualified person who can do this for me. The boat is in Newport Beach but could be moved to Long Beach or to any yard in the SoCal area. Thanks, Dan
  4. T

    Ericson 27 Compression Post Question

    So I recently bought an E27 that needs quite a bit of work. The worst of it is the Compression Post and aft most bulk head. The one between the head and salon that's attached to the Compression Post. The bottom of the Compression Post has become soft from sitting in water. There are a few leaks...
  5. I

    Propane bulkhead heater install

    Hi everyone, We purchased a 1974 Ericson 32 last year in San Diego. Being a warm weather boat, it did not come with a heater however, now that it lives in the Pacific Northwest a heater is a necessity! Our original plan was to install a Dickinson diesel bulkhead heater however, after...
  6. S

    E35: Epoxy - Steel- Chainplate, Input Requested

    I posted a thread a little over a month ago as I was preparing to dig into the main salon bulkhead on my Ericson 35 MkII where a poorly bedded chainplate left a dangerous situation and am grateful for the advice I got then from this wonderful site... I have cut a piece of white oak to scarf in...
  7. U

    E38 Bulkhead replacement questions galore

    I am replacing pretty much all the bulkheads in my E38 ('83 #77). I'm wondering about the possibility of changing positions (or eliminating) various bulkheads. My plan originally was to restore back to original, but I could also go custom w/ her (I can always change her back)- Obviously I...
  8. S

    Bulkhead / Chainplate Question

    Ahoy: What a wonderful site. I am a relatively new owner of an Ericson 35 MK II, 1973. Essentially bought the boat because, among other reasons, I loved the lines and was convinced of quality construction pretty much throughout. Have my fair share of improvements and repairs ahead, but I am a...
  9. W

    E25 Starboard Bulkhead Replacement

    I recently purchased a 1973 E25 that I am working to bring back up to respectable condition. One of the issues is replacement of the aft bulkheads where the chain plates attach. The port was easy to remove and use for a pattern. However, it appears the only way to replace the other is to cut it...
  10. J

    New bulkhead

    I started today in ernest in taking out the old, rotted bulkhead on my E-30+. I've done one on a Bristol 22 and this doesn't seem to be much different, just alot more trim work to remove. I'll keep everyone up to date as I go along, hopefully with pictures. :unsure:
  11. J

    Bulkhead Opinions Wanted

    Hi All, I'm looking at a '75 E35-II. I've been reading about the chainplate leakage and bulkhead problems all over the web. On my second look at the boat I was able to get some pictures of the mounting on the main bulkhead. It looks like the mounts have been glassed over, but I'm not sure if...
  12. J


    Is the main portside bulkhead bolted in and if so how hard is it to remove and replace?
  13. J

    Bulkhead Repair

    I am considering the purchase of an E 30+ for a very good price. One thing I noticed as did a recent survey was that the the main bulkhead has some rot in it near the chainplate. If I took this boat I would want to replace the bulkhead. I am currently in the middle of a similar job on a Bristol...
  14. J

    Chainplates and Bulkhead - replace?

    What a discovery! Someone up there is taking care of me. This is a snap of the chainplate as I discover it today. Had a fuel can tied to the stay on the last trip and never got a look at it. - Thankfull for small miracles! I was planning on taking the boat out early for a winter rehab...
  15. L

    Problem With Anchor Locker Bulkhead

    My anchor locker pan stiffening project continues to grow more complicated. Removal of the anchor locker pan yielded great access to the chain locker and the underside of the deck hardware. It also allowed a good inspection of the bulkhead dividing the v-berth from the chain locker. An obvious...
  16. M

    E27 bulkhead

    Hi I am thinking about buying an E27 but the main bulkhead is starting to rot any ideas if it can be replaced "easily" ie. not taking the boat apart? and coul this repair be done on land or should the boat be in the water and could you sail the boat lightly if the repair was not completer? Any...
  17. K

    Forward bulkhead rot in E26-2

    The forward bulkhead in my '84 Ericson 26-II has developed significant rot at its base, and needs to be torn out and replaced. (This is the bulkhead immediately aft of the anchor chain locker, forward of the V-berth.) I've seen at least 3 Ericsons now with this problem, and I'm hoping that the...
  18. Joe

    Help with Bulkhead Removal

    I've pulled the chainplate and all the bolts as well as the smaller screws on my E25, but the bulkhead stubbornly refuses to budge. I've run a thin sawblade between the surfaces and can detect no further bolts or screws. There is no sign of it having been glassed in, but there is some sign of a...
  19. raslocum

    bulkhead wood species?

    On my e-25, one of the forward bulkheads has been replaced with a marine wood plastic material. I give them an E for effort, it looks great, but they used too thin of a material. This is the bulkhead directly below the mast, and it is beginning to bow slightly. I plan on replacing it, and...
  20. Joe

    E25 Bulkhead Wet Rot

    I attach four images of soft spots I found on the starboard bulkhead and scraped out today. The images are (from left to right) top cabin-side, bottom cabin-side, top head-side, and bottom head-side. The remaining wood feels solid enough. The chainplate still seems to be attached solidly. My...