1. Commotion

    Rudder Bushing, Vesconite Source

    I have a 1972 Ericson 35-2. Does anyone have a good source for a Rudder Bushing. I removed the old bronze bushing. I am installing a new Foss rudder. It looks like the material to use is Vesconite. I can have it machined if I can buy the material somewhere.
  2. footrope

    E38 Rudder bearing (bushing?) maintenance

    I've been reading some good threads on the rudder bearing and bushing maintenance that some of you have done. It helped me a lot when I dropped the rudder yesterday in the yard to clear the way for the prop shaft to be removed. We dropped it before putting the stands in place, and only had to...
  3. O

    E38-200 Rudder removal / bushing replacement

    Goodmorning All, I am hoping some of you out there have had the experience of removing your rudder for bushing replacement on an E38-200, or similar. Our vessel is a 1989 model. I have a moderate amount of play in the rudder shaft noted first my a hardly noticable "clunking" while the boat...
  4. J

    Rudder bushing E32

    I had to loosen/remove part of the steering quadrant due to alignment and failure of structure. The boat is E32, 1971-72. while the steering is loosened, I tried to check for rudder play from outside the hull. The rudder "play" seems to be about 1/4". Prior to this w/ all steering cables...
  5. M

    E 27 Rudder (bushing)

    My rudder is very shaky and wobbly, Is there a bushing or some sort of sleve that needs changing? If so, is there any one who could enlighten me on how to go about doing this, do I have to haul out or can I do it in the water, Is it a special bushing that I would have to order or can I make...