cabinet doors

  1. trickdhat

    Cabinet Door Latch

    We learned the hard way that the cabinet door latches aren't up to the task on our last outing. The boat was sailing beautifully with a reef in the main and 15 - 20 knots on a starboard tack just shy of being close hauled. Down below was a different story. I thought my wife was just grabbing...
  2. E29 Port side accommodations / small projects.

    E29 E29 Port side accommodations / small projects.

    This winter, I’ve been doing a lot of little boat projects in the evenings. Many of them have been “finishing” off the port-side details on my E29. Well, getting there, anyway. I kind of like Texlan’s idea of making this area into a “chaise lounge,” but it won’t work with my layout. I need...